End of Knee and Hip Calcification with Stem Cell Therapy!

No more knee and hip calcification with cocccal treatment
No more knee and hip calcification with cocccal treatment

In the cartilage tissue in joints such as knees and hips, wear and tear can develop with age, excessive damage due to wear and can cause pain and limitation of movement in the joints. In the past, it was generally predicted that after the knee and hip joint cartilage was damaged, it would not regenerate itself. However, nowadays, it is possible to prevent cartilage damage and joint calcification with medical advances in stem cell therapy.

A study at Stanford University found a new way to regenerate and repair cartilage with stem cells. Known for his work on Stem Cell Therapy on the subject, Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu is telling.

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu stated that the joint cartilage is very important for our movements, and the treatments that prevent and renew the knee and hip cartilage tissue without surgery are very important. kazanhe said he did. Dr. Büküşoğlu ”“A new study at Stanford University has found a new chemical signaling pathway that directs stem cells to regenerate and repair cartilage in joints. Researchers have found a way to influence stem cells to produce normal cartilage. In this study, the researchers first used a molecule called BMP2 to initiate bone tissue formation. Then they stopped the bone formation process halfway through with another molecule called VEGF. As a result of this process, the formation of cartilage tissue with the same type of cells and mechanical properties as natural cartilage was observed. This new cartilage tissue, which is obtained, restores the mobility of people with joint calcification, that is, osteoarthritis. kazanIt has been shown to have the potential to significantly reduce knee and hip pain. With the innovations in stem cell therapy, it is possible to prevent osteoarthritis, that is, joint calcification disorders, by renewing and rejuvenating the cartilage tissue in knee and hip joint calcifications without completely deteriorating it, without surgery.

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