Criminal Organization Operations in 8 Provinces: 136 People Apprehended

Police officer operation person was caught in the province
Police officer operation person was caught in the province

The operation is carried out under the coordination of the General Directorate of Security, KOM Department. The operation was started in the morning. Information about the operation was shared from the General Directorate of Security. It was reminded that the ultimate aim of mafia-type organized crime organizations is to achieve material and moral power by gaining unfair gain.

Before the tourism season, Coastal Wind Operation was initiated in the provinces on the coastline, where local and foreign tourists showed great interest, and to include other touristic metropolitan cities.

In line with the determinations made as a result of 8-month studies, 32 in Antalya, 15 in Aydın, 25 in Balıkesir, 30 in İzmir, 19 in Mersin, 19 in Muğla, 13 in Istanbul and 18 in Adana Simultaneous operation was initiated to capture the suspect.

In the operation in 8 provinces, 136 suspects have been caught so far. Efforts continue to capture 35 fugitives.

The suspects in question engage in activities of locally organized criminal organizations such as "looting, threatening, usury, gunshot wounds".

21 People Captured in the Istanbul Leg of the Operation

Simultaneous operations were launched against criminal organizations in 8 provinces, including Istanbul.

In a raid on 26 addresses in the city, he caught 13 suspects, 8 of whom were wanted in the framework of the investigation carried out by Istanbul and 21 by other provinces.

In the searches made in the addresses, 5 pistols, 2 shotguns, 120 bullets, 3 swords and 1 handcuffs were seized.

21 People Captured in İzmir

33 suspects were detained in Izmir and Aydin within the scope of the "Coastal Wind Operation".

29 of the 21 suspects who were detained in Izmir were caught.

In the searches made in the addresses of the suspects, 18 unlicensed guns, 3 pump rifles, 51 cartridges and 328 bullets were seized. It was determined that the suspects engaged in organized arms smuggling activities.

12 Detentions in Aydın

In Aydın, 12 people were caught in the operation organized in the addresses determined in Germencik and Nazili districts. The work continues for the arrest of the 3 suspects about whom a detention warrant has been issued.

Guns, rifles, cannabis plants and narcotic pills were seized in the searches in the addresses.

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