Full Support to Disabled Citizens from the State

Full support from the state for disabled citizens
Full support from the state for disabled citizens

The Ministry of Family and Social Services has implemented important support mechanisms in many areas from education to health, from employment to accessibility in order for the disabled to exist more in the society and contribute to the society as a productive individual.

Significant developments have been made in the last 19 years in the field of employment, which is one of the most important support mechanisms for disabled citizens. While the number of disabled people employed as civil servants in 2002 was 5, this number increased to 777 as of April 2021.

The number of citizens with disabled relatives receiving pension is 96 thousand

40 thousand people benefited from the disability pensions paid to facilitate the lives of citizens with a disability rate of 617 percent or more. While the number of citizens with disabled relatives receiving pension rose to 96 thousand, 536 thousand people benefited from home care assistance.

Employment support for mentally disabled citizens with protected workplaces

The Ministry also supports the mentally and mentally disabled individuals who have the most difficulty in participating in employment among the disabled citizens with protected workplaces. Providing wage support, various tax reductions and exemptions to employers who form protected workplaces, the Ministry provides wage support of 914,41 Turkish lira for each disabled person employed there.

The number of hope houses and day care centers is increasing

While the number of hope houses, which allow disabled citizens to participate actively in social life, increased to 153, the number of those benefiting from these houses reached 880.

The number of day care centers where families can entrust their relatives with disabilities in their daily work and that allow disabled people to socialize is increasing day by day. Currently, 127 disabled people benefit from 931 day care centers. In addition, 104 thousand 8 disabled people are served in official residential care and rehabilitation centers, which number 240, and more than 292 thousand disabled citizens stay in 28 special disabled care centers.

Two doses of vaccination of disabled people in institutions completed

Due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, the Ministry, which has taken many measures such as visit restriction, regular fever monitoring, regular disinfection in all organizations since March 2020, and prepared and sent guides to all organizations to combat the epidemic, also completed the vaccination studies against Kovid-19 in organizations.

1581 accessibility documents issued for buildings

The Ministry, which sets the standards in this field in order to ensure that all structures in social life are accessible to disabled and elderly citizens, carries out accessibility studies throughout Turkey in cooperation with governorships.

In this context, accessibility certificates are issued to buildings that meet the specified criteria. According to the data of the Ministry, a total of 1581 accessibility certificates have been issued to date.

The Ministry, which intensifies its work in this field within the scope of the 2020 Accessibility Year studies, has published the Accessibility Guide, which is based on the latest legislation and standards, with written and visual content. The Accessibility Assessment Module (ERDEM), which will provide a report on what needs to be done to make the buildings accessible, was also prepared.

Disabled ID Card was given to more than 1 million people

The Ministry, which provides trainings to municipalities, public institutions and other requesting institutions in the field of accessibility, also issues identity cards in order to make it easier for disabled people to benefit from rights and discounts in accessing various services.

With the said ID cards, disabled citizens can use municipal and private public buses, sea transportation vehicles and trains within the body of TCDD free of charge.

While this card provides a 20% discount for all domestic and international flights, free entrance to museums and historical sites, national parks, nature conservation areas and nature parks, and state theaters performances are also exhibited free of charge for the disabled. Disabled Identity Cards have been given to 1 million 158 thousand 657 people by the Ministry so far.

Disabled individuals are also provided with SCT and MTV discounts in vehicle purchases, property tax exemption for their residences, electricity bills and uninterrupted power supply support when they have to live dependent on the device due to chronic illness.

EKPSS opens the door to equal opportunities in employment for the disabled

The Disabled Public Personnel Selection Examination (E-KPSS), which was launched in Turkey for the first time in the world in 2012, was a turning point in terms of ensuring equal opportunity for disabled people in employment. Special applications such as marker, reader, additional time, taking the exam alone and accessible halls are used in this central exam, which includes questions suitable for the disability and education status of the disabled individuals.

Most of the e-KPSS exam cost is covered by the Ministry of Family and Social Services. In this context, a total of 2020 million 8 thousand 916 TL examination fee was transferred to ÖSYM by the Ministry in 500.

"Family Based National Early Intervention Program" was launched

The Ministry launched the “Family-Based National Early Intervention Program” in Turkey, in which risks for the development of infants and children are identified, their development is monitored and families are included in the process.

With the program, it is aimed to minimize the loss of skills and ability with early diagnosis and intervention starting from the newborn period and to eliminate many causes of disability.

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