Explosives Reconnaissance Teams Can Intervene to Mines and IEDs without Getting Off

explosives detection destruction vehicles delivered to the land forces command
explosives detection destruction vehicles delivered to the land forces command

The Ministry of National Defense stated in its post on Twitter that the Explosive Reconnaissance and Disposal (PMKI) Vehicles were delivered to the Land Forces Command. In this context, 10 PMKI Team Vehicles were delivered to their troops on 05 May 2021. It was stated that with the delivery of the vehicles, PMKI Teams continued to increase their ability to intervene in mines and Handmade Explosives (IEDs). PMKI Teams and their mission equipment will be transported in these specially designed vehicles. Thanks to the robotic arm in the vehicle, PMKI Teams will be able to safely intervene in mines and IEDs without getting out of the vehicle.

In September 2020, BMC's KIRPİ II MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected: Mine Resistant - Ambush Protected) vehicle was imaged in Izmir with an integrated robotic arm and this development was reported by Defense Turk.

It is seen that the vehicles delivered to PMKI Teams are the METI version developed by BMC on the KİRPİ II armored vehicle. The robotic arm based on KIRPI II (4 × 4) METI, on the other hand, shows the ETİ system developed by ASELSAN for hand-made explosives and analysis.

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Handmade Explosives Detection and Inspection Vehicle is a system developed to ensure road and convoy safety against Handmade Explosives. The Handmade Explosives Detection and Inspection Tool has Security Management Tools that provide IED Detection, IED Examination, IED Inactivation and remote control. ASELSAN ETİ; Handmade Explosives placed on road sides and culverts have the ability to detect and intervene control cables from a certain distance.

Handmade Explosives Detection and Inspection Tool (ETİ); Armored vehicle, Robotic Arm (ASELSAN ÇAKI), RF Jammer System (ASELSAN GERGEDAN), Thermal Camera (ASELSAN ŞAHINGÖZÜ-OD), Acoustic Firing Direction Detection System (ASELSAN YANKI), Seismic Detector (for recording mobility in culverts - ASELSAN integration) and Security It consists of Management Software (SECANS) systems.


The METI version developed by BMC on the KİRPİ II armored vehicle has the capability of unmanned detection and destruction of mines and hand-made explosives in the field of communication with the multi-purpose robot arm integrated into the vehicle. KIRPI II (4 × 4) has an independent suspension system. KİRPİ II (4 × 4) monocoque type armored cabin and special armored glasses, shock absorbing seats, weapon station and emergency exit cover.

In addition, many specially integrated mission-oriented hardware; CBRN protection system, firing point target detection system, automatic fire extinguishing system, intercom system and jamming system are available.

Source: DefenseTurkish

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