Expert Advice for LGS Candidates

Expert recommendations for lgs candidates
Expert recommendations for lgs candidates

LGS, which all students prepared with enthusiasm and great effort, will be held on Sunday, June 6th. Gülşen Aksu, Head of ITU ETA Foundation Doğa College, Secondary School Guidance Department, asked the questions of what to do and what not to do; answered with the headings before the exam, on the day of the exam and on the evening of the exam. Here are scientific recommendations and information to pay attention to LGS candidates from the expert:

  • Do the last repetitions for the subjects you are not sure about with the numbered days left.


Final studies must be completed with only a few days before LGS, in which students are intensively prepared with lectures, question solutions and general repetitions. Students should make their final repetitions about the subjects they are not completely sure of and participate in LGS completely.

  • Each student will take the exam in their own school.


Exam entrance documents will be published on the e-school system at the latest one week before the exam day. The exam venue will be the students' own schools. They can also learn hall and queue information. There is no need for students and parents to print out their exam entrance documents via e-school, as school principals will print out their students' exam entry documents on the exam day and make their preparations. Students who do not have an exam entrance document during the exam day should inform the supervisor.


If a student needs to take an exam in a province or district other than the province or district of residence (such as reasons for transfer, assignment, seasonal work), the student's parent should apply to the provincial or district National Education Directorates with a petition explaining the situation. In addition, for students who are treated at the hospital during the pandemic process, students will be able to take the exam in the hospital if they apply with a written petition to the provincial or district National Education Directorates.

  • Be careful in sports and nutrition.


Days before the exam, students should avoid activities that may cause injury. They should also stay away from activities and environments that may cause them to become ill.


Students should pay attention to their diet until the exam. For example; A food that has never been eaten before should not be tried during the exam week, considering that it may cause an allergic reaction. In order not to cause any poisoning, the sensitivity of the expiration dates of all the foods eaten should be increased. Fatty meals that will be heavy on the body of the students should be avoided.

  • Get used to sleeping and waking up according to the exam time


During the last week, students should take care to go to sleep at the time they go to bed the day before the exam and wake up at the time they get up on the exam day so that their bodies can adjust their biological clocks. When students achieve this order for the last week, they will not be tired and sleepless on the exam day, but will be more vigorous and energetic.

  •  Wishes of success should be away from anxiety-enhancing content


Exam motivation for students is an important factor in their exam success. For this reason, it is necessary to be prepared for any situation that will negatively affect the motivation of students. In the wishes of success from parents and family members, expressions and comparisons that will increase the student's anxiety should be avoided. It will be effective to emphasize that the important thing to the students is not the result of the exam, but the effort and effort they have shown throughout this period, and that they should trust and believe in themselves because they are doing their best. In addition, the behavior at home should not be exaggerated so that students do not give a different meaning to the exam day and increase their anxiety. Until the exam day, you should behave in the same way as before.

  • Best to read a book


Before the exam, it will be more effective for students to prepare themselves for the exam both physically and mentally instead of studying. However, if studying on the last day will make the student feel good, they can study provided that they are not long hours. It will be useful for them to spend the day before the exam by reading a book and doing an activity they like.

  • Put them in a transparent file where they will be taken to the exam


Preparing all the materials to take on the way to the exam in the evening before the exam in a transparent file will ensure that the student does not rush to gather his belongings and panic on the morning of the exam and saves time.

Students who are predicted to have sleep problems the night before the exam can do more relaxing and calming activities before sleep. Food and drinks that will strengthen falling asleep should be avoided. The feelings of children with increased anxiety should not be trivialized, but should be understood. The most important factor that will reduce the anxiety of the student is the sense of trust he will get from his family.

  • Breakfast should not be tiring, comfortable clothes should be preferred


You should not wake up too early or too late on the morning of the exam. A breakfast consisting of foods that will not tire the student's digestive system will increase his energy.

When choosing clothes to be worn while going to the exam, comfortable clothes should be preferred according to body measurements and weather conditions.

  • Do not leave the house without checking


When leaving the house, students should make sure they have all the items they need to take with them. Since being late for the exam will increase the anxiety levels of the students, it is necessary to leave the house at 09:00 at the latest in a time period where there will be no problems in transportation to the school.

  • Attention, the epidemic is not over!


Giving information to the students about the processes they will encounter after leaving their parents will relax the student and the situations they encounter will not affect their motivation. The fact that students will take the exam together with their friends in their own schools will affect their motivation positively, but when they see their friends, they may want to hug or hug. For this reason, students should be informed about the correct use of masks and how to maintain their social distance.

  • The most important thing is to understand the root of the question! Do not leave without signing the roll call!


During the exam, students should read the questions at a normal pace, neither too fast nor too slow, trying to understand the root of the question. They should plan their time management with the clocks in the classrooms. They should not waste time with the questions they have difficulty in solving, and should solve those questions in the remaining time after solving all other questions with the tour technique. They must mark the option they marked in the exam booklet correctly on the answer sheet. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that the questions whose answers were changed on the booklet should be changed on the answer sheet. It should be ensured that the encoding of all information on the answer sheet is correct. Students should not talk to each other during the exam, but should ask the supervising teacher any question they want to ask. At the end of the exam, it should not be forgotten that the booklets and answer sheets should be handed over to the supervising teacher without leaving them above or below the desks and to sign the exam attendance list.

  • Being on the spot 10 minutes before the exam is relaxing


It is important in preparation for the next session, the digital session, that students go out to the school garden and get some fresh air between the exams. In order not to affect each other's motivations, it would be beneficial not to talk about questions between exams. The verbal session is over, now they must prepare themselves for the digital session. Being in the exam hall 10 minutes before the start of the exam will not only prepare the student for the exam psychologically, but will also save time in checking the printing errors of the booklets and answer sheets distributed to him.

  • Coming out of the exam should be greeted with a smile


Parents of students who have completed their exams and left school should greet them with a smiling face. No matter how the exam passed, students will need to hear positive things as they will have passed an exam that they have worked hard all year. If they want to talk, they should talk about how the exam passed. If they do not want to talk about the exam, they should not be insistent.

After the announcement of the exam results as of June 30, central and local choices will be made between the dates specified in the preference and placement guide to be published regarding the selection processes. It would be appropriate for parents to plan their summer vacation programs by taking these dates into account.

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