EGO Buses, Ankaray and Metro Free for Citizens Exempt from Restrictions on Bayram

Ego buses in ankaray and metro are free during the holidays

According to the statement made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, public transportation vehicles serving within the EGO General Directorate will provide free service during the Eid al-Fitr.

The statement from EGO is as follows; “Controlling the rate of spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic

Due to the curfew imposed between April 29, 2021 and May 17, 2021, the hours and work schedule of public transportation vehicles were re-planned and announced by the EGO General Directorate.

Between these dates, 13-14-15 May

Religious and national until the "First Local Administration Elections" taken by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council on Ramadan Feast, which coincides with 2021.
Buses, rail systems and cable cars belonging to the EGO General Directorate from 06.00 to 24.00 on holidays
In accordance with the decision, our citizens who are exempt from curfew will be able to benefit from public transportation services provided by the EGO General Directorate free of charge.

Our up-to-date shuttle hours can be accessed through the "Local Transportation Information System / Web Information System" on the website "" and our application on EGO CEP.

The density of our public transportation systems is monitored instantly by our organization. In case of need, necessary changes will be made in service planning.

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