Displacement Works Completed in SGK Bridge Intersection Project

The displacement works of the steel transmission line, which was initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in the SGK Bridge Interchange Project, at night hours, continued until the morning. The teams, working with an intense overtime, continued their work uninterruptedly in order to prevent the citizens from suffering due to the water shortage.

The SSI Bridge Crossroad Project, which was started by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and will bring an era to Sakarya in transportation, continues uninterruptedly. The displacement works, which were initiated to prevent the steel transmission line supplying water to 4 districts from being an obstacle, continued overnight. During the works, SASKI teams, which worked intensely to prevent the citizens from suffering, started to give water to the region in the morning hours. In the statement made by the institution regarding the renewed line route, “First of all, we apologize to our subscribers for the water cut during the works. Thanks to the renewed and changed route, our citizens will have uninterrupted access to quality drinking water in the region for many years to come ”.

Günceleme: 29/05/2021 13:40

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