Ceva Logistics Launches Forpatients Health Logistics Sub-Brand

Ceva logistics forpatients brings health logistics sub-brand to life
Ceva logistics forpatients brings health logistics sub-brand to life

CEVA Logistics announced that it will expand its support to its customers operating in the health and pharmacy sectors with its new sub-brand FORPATIENTS, which it has developed for heat sensitive products.

Making a statement on the World Health Day, CEVA Logistics can now provide end-to-end logistics solutions that position patients at the center of the supply chain with the FORPATIENTS brand, as well as health and pharmacy companies. As part of the solution package, the company will launch a new temperature sensitive logistics product that will enter service in the second quarter of 2021.

CEVA, investing in end-to-end supply chain facilities including temperature controlled air freight stations in strategic locations in order to serve on global trade routes, attaches great importance to patient-centered health logistics solutions including COVID-19 vaccines with its FORPATIENTS sub-brand.

We continue to focus on patient-centered services

CEVA's health logistics solution developed for heat sensitive products called FORPATIENTS covers the fields of pharmacy and biopharmacy, medical devices, consumer health, hospital and home care, and diagnosis & laboratory services. Centralizing the global services it offers in the field of health under the roof of FORPATIENTS, CEVA Logistics both increases the visibility of the range of services it offers to its customers and ensures that patients are positioned at the center of this process. Wanting to draw attention to how logistics solutions can support general medical practices and health needs, the company is launching an advertising and social media campaign.

CEVA's health solutions that want to serve patients better; It takes quality, confidentiality and compliance requirements into consideration and provides services by strictly adhering to both GxP & GDP requirements and all national and international legislative obligations. The company manages its services in these areas from the product receiving stage to the delivery stage. You can visit our sub-brand's dedicated website: cevalogisticsforpatients.com, to learn more about CEVA healthcare solutions with some regulatory and compliance information.

More than forty temperature-controlled air freight stations to support global demand

The new CEVA Logistics solution requires investment in temperature-controlled facilities around the world. With the support of its parent company CMA CGM Group, one of the world's leading names in the field of transportation and logistics, CEVA is committed to operating a network of more than forty air freight stations by the end of 2021. Some of these stations will also offer other services such as contract logistics support.

As a whole, these stations will not only be a large-scale gateway for health products in regional markets, but will also supply products to more than 1450 health trade routes around the world. Thanks to its global network, CEVA will be able to serve countless customer shipments with temperature sensitive product packaging solutions, including active & passive packaging and solutions for packaged out-of-container goods.

As part of its services, CEVA provides leading-level visibility and monitoring solutions through embedded location and temperature IoT devices to make real-time decisions. By transmitting the information to the company's award-winning supply chain management tool Maxtrix® system and global control tower technology, 7/24 shipment control can be performed. Thanks to this multi-layered approach, shipments are carried out by maintaining the required temperature values ​​and this is extremely important for our customers in the healthcare field. Aware that vaccine and drug transport continues to increase all over the world, CEVA focuses on products that need to be transported between -19 and -2 degrees, including some COVID-8 vaccines, but the company will be able to serve its customers for other products, including vaccines that need to be stored at lower temperatures during transport. emphasizes that it has the capacity.

CEVA's approach includes route risk assessment, performance & capacity management, and a fully integrated cold chain transportation and warehouse management solution. Company; It also provides information on the sustainability and carbon footprint of various routes, packaging and transportation preferences.

CEVA Logistics, an expert in global healthcare and pharmaceutical products logistics

Currently serving more than five hundred health and life science companies in the global healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, CEVA manages more than fifty contract logistics operations in the healthcare field worldwide and 30 of the 20 largest medical device supply chains. The company, which recently hosted a webinar titled “Optimizing Healthcare Supply Chains Beyond 2021” (Optimizing Health Supply Chains After 2021), hosted expert speakers who brought the global pharmacy and health industries to the table to analyze how the industry has changed and what awaits us in the future.

Niels Van Nanem, CEVA Vice President, Global Healthcare, said: “Our customers supply vital vaccines, medical devices, medicines and other support products for patients around the world. For example, diabetics should not worry about insulin supply chain reliability. Expanding its range of temperature sensitive product solutions, CEVA ensures that patient needs are met no matter the logistical challenges we face. We are aware that we reach a patient with every shipment ”.

Mathieu Friedberg, CEO of CEVA Logistics, said: “There have been major changes in the global healthcare market over the past year due to the pandemic that continues to affect our daily lives. With the beginning of a new era in healthcare, the pandemic has combined advanced technology and home patient care concepts. As a fast-adaptive logistics service provider, CEVA continues to offer new healthcare logistics solutions for its customers and indirectly for patients. "Our FORPATIENTS sub-brand, which came to life today, is an indication of our commitment to providing a flexible and reliable supply chain to better serve patients."

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