Ankara Metro Train Washing Line Was Renewed, and 95 Percent Water Saved

ego tren has saved water by renewing the washing line with the latest technology
ego tren has saved water by renewing the washing line with the latest technology

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate renewed the "Train Washing Line", which has been idle for 16 years, and made it operational with the latest technology. Thanks to the smart train washing line that runs automatically without manpower, water savings of 95 percent are achieved.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry out savings-oriented awareness activities in water consumption during the period when the warnings of the danger of drought due to climate change increase.

EGO General Directorate started to provide significant water savings by overcoming the "Train Washing Line", which has been idle for 16 years and located in Ankara Metro Operation and Maintenance Center, with the latest technology.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which increases the hygiene studies in the wagons used in the Ankara Metro, especially during the pandemic process, saves water at the rate of 95 percent thanks to the refining system in the "Train Washing Line".

EGO Deputy General Manager Emin Güre, who stated that the rate of malfunction in subways has also decreased with the reuse of water and external cleaning, which takes approximately 2,5 minutes, and gave the following information:

“We started a study for the washing system that has not been used for 16 years. We replaced, renewed and repaired many equipment such as all filters, pumps and washing brushes. Most importantly, we redesigned the treatment system and started it to work. In this way, we provide 95 percent water savings. Remaining waste water after washing comes into the system and is treated. It is used for external washing of trains by recirculating it again. As a result of the pressurized air spraying under the trains, the sub-assembly is also cleaned. In this way, while much better and quality cleaning was carried out, we had the opportunity to evaluate the workforce of approximately 30 cleaning personnel in other areas. According to the information we received from the technical team, it was determined that the failure rates decreased thanks to the cleaning that lasted 2,5 minutes. "

Drawing attention to the fact that train cleaning is carried out in an extremely systematic and hygienic manner, Güre said, “Our citizens of the capital can board our trains with peace of mind. "After our trains complete their trips, both external washing and internal washing and disinfection processes are carried out periodically and presented to the voyage in a clean way."

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