Aliağa Allocated Only Thousand TL for the Bergama Railway Project!

Aliaga has allocated only a thousand TL for the Bergama railway project.
Aliaga has allocated only a thousand TL for the Bergama railway project.

CHP İzmir Deputy Kamil Okyay Sındır said in a statement he made at the Aliağa District Directorate that in 1, only 154 TL was allocated by the government to the Aliağa - Çandarlı - Bergama New İzmir Railway project, which was 484 billion 2021 million 1.000 thousand TL.

CHP İzmir Deputy Kamil Okyay Sındır, CHP İzmir Provincial Chair Deniz Yücel, CHP Aliağa District Chair Özlem Şan Oğuzhan, district administrators and Aliağa Municipal Council Members came together at the Aliağa CHP District Presidency. their demands were put on the table. After the district program, the CHP delegation visited the market tradesmen, listened to the problems of the tradesmen, and received their demands.


Sındır started his speech by stating that he brought the public investments concerning Aliağa to the agenda of the Assembly and said, “I have brought many issues related to our Aliağa to the agenda of the Assembly, but I could not get an answer. I know that the works carried out on the Aliağa - İzmir, Aliağa and Çanakkale roads have been stalled and there is a serious problem of allowance. While all of these are vital, I do not accept my motions not being answered. The total cost of the Aliağa - Çandarlı - Bergama New İzmir Railway Construction and Çandarlı Port Railway connection project, which started in 2015, is 1 Billion 154 Million 484 Thousand TL. The expenditure on this project so far is only 96 thousand TL. This is the official figure in the 2021 public investment program. The AKP government allocated only one thousand TL to the Aliağa - Bergama Railway project for 2021. Not 1 billion, not 1 million, but 1.000 TL. This means that I will not do the Aliağa Çandarlı Railway project, namely the İZBAN line, in 2021, ”he said.


Saying that the Aliağa railway project of Bergama is a project related to the extension of the İZBAN Line, Sındır said, “Aliağa, Bergama railway project is an urban suburb. In other words, it is a project that we expect Izmir to connect the center and all surrounding districts of Izmir, and to provide a faster, cheaper, and more comfortable transportation service to our citizens. Why is the project not started? It is our main duty to take account of this. He said that we are followers of the problems and troubles our Aliağa is experiencing.



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