80 Percent of Mersin Bicycle Road Project is Completed

percent of myersin bicycle path project has been completed
percent of myersin bicycle path project has been completed

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to popularize the use of bicycles, which is a healthy, safe, economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. 18.2% of the 80-kilometer Bicycle Path Project, which is under construction by the Metropolitan, will breathe the traffic and please the bicycle users, has been completed. The Bicycle Road Project, which was started in the Viranşehir District of Mezitli district and will continue uninterrupted throughout Kültür Park, whose studies are carried out by the teams of the Transportation Department, will be finalized at Mersin Train Station.

The first stage of 18.2 kilometers is aimed to be completed within 150 working days. Thus, by the end of 2021, the Metropolitan Municipality will bring a total of 70 km of bicycle paths, 30 kilometers in Mersin city center and 100 kilometers in Tarsus.

Bicycle transportation will be prominent in Mersin

With the project, it is aimed that pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic areas are separated from each other and that the cyclists reach the points they want to go safely. Planning to make transportation by bicycle stand out, Metropolitan will reduce the burden of vehicle traffic and enable people to travel in a healthier and more environmentally friendly way with this project. In this way, it is aimed to prevent possible traffic accidents.

'From Home to School, Pedal Safely'

Within the scope of the 'From Home to School, Pedal Safely' project, which will be held for the first time in Turkey by the Metropolitan to encourage children to use bicycles, Mezitli district 75th Year Secondary School and İçel Anatolian High School in its vicinity was selected as a pilot school. With this project, it is aimed that children can reach their schools with their bicycles. With the project, which envisions the construction of parking stations in front of the schools, it is planned to implement separated bicycle paths on roads that cannot be reduced to 30 km / h, and shared bicycle paths on roads that can be reduced to 30 km / h.

Altuntaş: "We aim to create a bicycle network that will include our districts"

Murat Altuntaş, the Transportation Planning Branch Manager of the Ministry of Transportation, stated that they are continuing the construction of the first stage of the Bicycle Road Project and the first stage of 18.2 kilometers from Mezitli Menderes Neighborhood to Akdeniz Nusratiye District and said, “We are currently working on them. . Along with this, the tender process of Mersin-wide Bicycle Master Plan and 1-kilometer implementation project, for which we have completed the tender, has been completed ”. Stating that they aim to use safe bicycles by separating pedestrian and bicycle and vehicle traffic sections from each other, Altuntaş said, “Our municipality has carried out serious studies on these issues. We do not consider this only as a center either. "We aim to create a bicycle network that includes our districts in the sections within the scope of the Bicycle Master Plan," he said.

The studies are progressing together with the infrastructure and superstructure studies.

Emphasizing that they did not only carry out a bicycle path study, Altuntaş said: “Again, we are reworking the parts that are necessary for pedestrians on the bicycle path route, the necessary parts related to the landscape, as well as the parts related to the infrastructure and superstructure and the problems we see. By solving it on-site, we also carry out a work to ensure that users, namely people, can receive better service as a whole. To give an example regarding this; We are reconsidering the rainwater chimneys on the routes we passed. Again, if there is a situation related to the walkways related to the pedestrian paths, our manufacturing continues in a way that will enable the pedestrians to travel more comfortably by expanding them. In other words, we do not see this as just a Bicycle Path Project, we aim to complete it as a whole by touching on many points we have seen on all the routes we have passed. "

Aykut: "It is very appreciative that there is such a work"

Leyla Aykut, a graduate of Ege University, Department of Landscape Architecture, who is traveling with her bicycle on the bicycle path completed on the beach, said, “I found the work quite appropriate. Actually, we needed it. There was another bike path that we were actively using, one available on the left side of the road. Since the pandemic period, people have turned to cycling intensively. When the situation was like that, the other side was insufficient. "It is very appreciative that we have such a work on a treadmill that we use with greenery on one side and pedestrians on the other, where no one seizes each other's space."

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