600-year-old historical Sultan Süleyman Bridge is being restored

restoration work started for the historical sultan suleyman bridge
restoration work started for the historical sultan suleyman bridge

Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir, who examined the restoration works of the historical Sultan Süleyman Bridge in Dilovası, said that the Historical Bridge is again in Dilovası. kazanhe said he was going to.

Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir said that the historical Sultan Süleyman Bridge, one of the important symbols of Dilovası, which is located on Dilderesi and has been idle for years, has been restored and brought to the district. kazanannounced the start of work on the


With the initiatives of Mayor Şayir, works started on the historical Sultan Süleyman Bridge, which was designed by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Directorate and started to be built by the General Directorate of Highways.

Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir examined the works on the historical bridge with the AK Party Dilovası District Chairman İlhan Yıldırım, district administrators and technical staff of the municipality.


Mayor Şayir, who received information about the works from the technical team, said, “The historical Sultan Süleyman Bridge has a very important place for Dilovası. Our Historical Bridge, which is stuck between the industry, has a history of 600 years. The work, which was built by Mimar Sinan by Suleiman the Magnificent, is almost a symbol of Dilovası.

The 65 meter long stone bridge has three arches. It has drain eyes in the middle of its feet. The fact that the bridge passed to our time without any maintenance and repair reveals how strong and a great work it is. We are also working to do our part to revive this great work entrusted to our ancestors. I hope our historical Sultan Süleyman Bridge will be restored to its former glory after it is completed in a short time ”.

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