2 Billion Lira Guarantee Payment Has Been Made for the Northern Marmara Motorway

Billion lira guaranteed payment for northern marmara motorway
Billion lira guaranteed payment for northern marmara motorway

The partnership that operates the Northern Marmara Motorway was paid 2020 billion 2 million TL for 150 and 150 million TL for the Ankara-Niğde Motorway within the scope of vehicle pass guarantee.

It was stated that the partnership operating the Northern Marmara Motorway has been paid 2020 billion 2 million TL as a guarantee payment (for the year 150) due to the fact that the vehicle passes are below the contractual limits.

Another project for which a guarantee payment was made was the Ankara-Niğde Highway. It is stated that the operator who undertook this project (for the year 2020) was paid a guarantee of around 150 million TL.


According to Habertürk's report, sources close to companies stated that the payment was made last week.

It is also stated that other contractors who undertake highway maintenance, repair and construction can be paid a certain amount in return for their accumulated receivables before the holiday. The amount is not clear yet. Contractors noted that a payment in the range of 1-2 billion TL is expected. It is noted that the contractors will receive 14-15 billion TL from the Highways.

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