The Stars Said the Future of Coronavirus to Mankind!

The stars told people about the future of the coronavirus
The stars told people about the future of the coronavirus

Coronavirus concerns astrologers as well as everyone else. Interpreting the pandemic process according to the stars, Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş stated that the stars told this to humanity on the date of the first case in China, but this situation could not be perceived and added: “It is difficult to talk about the complete end of the coronavirus until March 2023. After the virus gradually disappears from our agenda, we will have brand new agendas. "

Interpreting the coronavirus and pandemic process, Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş astrologically discussed the sequence of events extending to the pandemic process with the first case that emerged in China.

Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş, who stated that there was a dense settlement in the water group at the time of the first case that occurred in Wuhan, China, said, “This settlement in the water group stands before us as the main reason for this trigger. It means that people could not actually see this place, did not give the necessary importance, could not perceive it. " continued in the form. Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş stated that the degree of Neptune is also quite meaningful when viewed from an occult perspective, “This degree definitely warns us about the point it touches. Neptune was originally called a foggy, misty planet by astrological definition. But at the point where it touches, he also mentions that we should pay particular attention to the reality underlying the fog and the haze. Neptune, which was in Pisces when the virus was announced, has an effect that will cause the victim consciousness to enter and the victim consciousness to continue. " found in the description.

Our worries can keep us alive as well as isolating us from life.

By the end of 2021, the communication network will be maintained in a strong and rapid manner, and while everything is clearly seen through social media, as of December, the communication carried out on the virtual plane will decrease and be replaced by more touching and more enjoyable situations, Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş said, "Northern Moon The Taurus transition of the Knot can test us, especially on earthly themes, in developing material formations and putting them in a safe, stable form. The anxiety that everyone is now falling for has increased even more as of December. But anxiety is a natural part of life and it also helps keep us alive. With the transition of the North Node, the likelihood that this anxiety will help bring individual material resources to a safer level will also increase. " said.

We must heed the warnings of Mars

Gönültaş, who drew attention to the transition of Mars to Cancer, said, “It is useful to take into account the warnings of Mars, which will cruise in Cancer until June 11. "It is not even a matter of getting the news that the hospital capacities are filled if we do not accept the new reality that the virus adds to our lives, and if we do not act responsibly."

Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş, who stated that our hopes and sources of trust will be shaken suddenly and unexpectedly during the course of Uranus in Taurus, said, “The cases will increase as we get complacent by acting with the psychological nature of Taurus. This situation will continue especially throughout the year 2021. In this respect, we can see 2021 as the continuation of last year. But in the meantime, we will observe that world leaders will reach a more authoritarian position. The year 2021 will herald that the balance will change after 2023. " He spoke in the form.

Emphasizing that in addition to the constant mutation of the virus, speculations and uncertainties regarding the vaccines developed for coronavirus will continue until 2026 due to the course of Neptune's Pisces, Gönültaş continued as follows: “As of March 21, 2023, Pluto will have finished its Capricorn course. This will be a celestial change that will be felt on earth. The effects of Pluto's transition to Aquarius are not only related to the corona, but also a transition that will concern all world leaders… This transition will bring along times when the age of the earth is over and the age of technology will actually begin. Meanwhile, Saturn will be continuing its course in Pisces. This situation will reveal enormous effects. Neptune, on the other hand, will have advanced 10 degrees from the degree it was when the epidemic started. This advancement of Neptune will also bring alleviation. But as long as Neptune does not come out of Pisces, microbes, bacteria and diseases that we do not know or identify will continue in our body. The effects of the coronavirus on humans will be evident when Neptune comes out of Pisces. It is also possible to foresee that with the effect of the conjunction of Neptune and Saturn in Aries in 2026, all the events that took place throughout the coronavirus agenda, the main causes of the epidemic, and the outputs will be revealed before us.

In addition to all these, Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş, who reminded 22 mummies transported in Egypt, said, “The displacement of these mummies is a harbinger of magical activity. The impacts that will occur may be visible. Magical activity can occur when events occur in a row that will cause unrest in the world. This is nothing like prophecy, but an equation that has been known for centuries. That's why we are in a time when we need to grow love, compassion. In addition to these, other than coronavirus, another issue that will take place on our agenda will be extraterrestrials. In the process that awaits us, the contacts established with these beings can no longer be hidden. Another reason for our closure to our homes is to prepare and adapt to technology from the smallest to the biggest and to such developments that will emerge. " he spoke.

Coronavirus concerns could reveal heart attack news

Emphasizing that the lack of love and affection can be felt very much during the course of Mars' Cancer, Gönültaş said, “The anxieties reinforced by the coronavirus can be revealed with the news of a heart attack. For this reason, concepts such as love, affection and value should have a more serious place on our agenda. The Taurus course of Uranus also points to sudden, unexpected events regarding Venusian (love, money, entertainment) themes. For this reason, everyone should take responsibility and act in accordance with each other's rights, needs and responsibilities. They should show love, respect and affection to each other. Taurus desires justice for all, love for all, money for everyone, in short, everything for everyone. For this reason, it becomes very important to observe these in the long course of Uranus. " said.

It is difficult to talk about a complete end of the coronavirus until March 2023

Occult Astrologer Nazan Gönültaş concluded his words as follows: “Although I do not find it right to say something about the end of the coronavirus, Saturn's transition to Pisces is very important for developments. Before this transition, we can hear a lot about the ending of the virus (accepting it as a flu in the human body). Especially, 7 March 2023 and even throughout the month of March, this transition will be pregnant with important developments. But this transition also means that the world leaders and authorities will be much more dominant, inclined to fight, to increase war. In other words, it is not possible to talk about a complete end until March 2023. After the virus gradually disappears from our agenda, we will have brand new agendas. Because the sign Saturn is in and the situations it reveals mean that we can dive into the waters we have never known with Pisces. So actually Saturn can be foggy and uncertain after Pisces pass. "


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