Excessive Fat in the Body Triggers Many Diseases

Too much fat in the body triggers many diseases
Too much fat in the body triggers many diseases

Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. Saliha Sönmezateş gave information on the subject. More genetically fat accumulation is experienced in areas such as the hips, hips and belly. Excessive fat accumulation may occur around the abdomen and waist, usually due to metabolic or hormonal factors. Regional fats may also be formed due to birth and postpartum reasons, and sedentary life reasons. However, the thin waist is always a symbol of youth and aesthetics. Fat cell is a very important organ for the human body. Just like our lungs, heart, brain. It is the storage place of especially Vitamins A, D, E, K in our body. Provides body heat, pulls external impacts, prevents bone fractures. It is the synthesis place of some hormones. Therefore, having zero fat in a person's body is incompatible with life. Adipose tissue must be in the body. But if this ratio is more than 30% of the body weight in women and more than 25% in men, it can cause cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint diseases and many types of cancer.

In general, we can talk about two types of regional lubrication. It is called fat around the waist and fat in the hip area. Fat around the waist is more risky in terms of health. Because the fat cells here are larger and closer to the internal organs. Therefore, those with a thicker waist circumference are metabolically more risky than those with a thicker hip circumference.

Cold lipolysis applications, which have a fat freezing system and provide effective results in regional slimming, are performed with the help of FDA-approved devices. Without a surgical operation, the person can easily and effectively get rid of the regional structure problems they complain about with this treatment method. People can achieve the body size they want with this method without undergoing an operation.

It is a non-surgical application that takes place without medication and painlessly and helps to get rid of excess fat for regional slimming. Cold lipolysis applications allow to process only the oils that need to be treated without damaging the surrounding tissues. Deformed fat tissues are expelled naturally. The effects are permanent in people who are overweight and in people who do not lose weight, even if they have sports or diet adventures.

The more weight is not gained after the application, the better the effects. While more procedures are considered appropriate on the waist, hip, abdomen, hips and legs, there are also effective results in the back, arms, sides of the body and weights that do not go away after birth. Regional thinning applications can be safely applied to anyone, male or female.

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