Toyota Lowest Emissions Brand

Toyota has the lowest emissions brand
Toyota has the lowest emissions brand

Toyota stood out once again as the brand with the “lowest CO2020 emission” according to average emissions based on total sales in 2.

According to JATO data, the average CO2020 emissions of all vehicles sold in 2 were calculated as 97.5 g / km. As a result of these figures emerging from the CO2 pool that Toyota established with Mazda and Lexus, the brand was able to achieve the least CO2 emission in Europe.

According to European data covering 21 countries, the CO2020 emission average for 2 was 106.7 g / km, while Toyota was not only below the average with its innovative approach in fuel technologies, but also ranked first as a low-emission brand.

Toyota sold 2020 thousand 489 hybrid vehicles in Europe in 498 and achieved a significant success by exceeding 3 million units in Europe so far. Toyota, which presented its model with hybrid technology, which was revolutionary in automobile technology for the first time in 1997, has reached 17 million 396 thousand 961 in hybrid vehicle sales so far. With this sales figure, Toyota continued its clear leadership in hybrid technology.

Increasing interest in environmentally friendly vehicles

With the pandemic, while users are moving away from conventional vehicles, it is observed that the demand for environmentally friendly cars is increasing. Toyota achieved the lowest CO2 emissions by demonstrating its industry-leading identity, with hybrid car sales offered in almost all segments.

Toyota continues to develop plug-in hybrids (hybrids that can also be charged externally with cable), battery-powered electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, as well as hybrid vehicles with electric motors on the way to its zero emission target. The bZ4X Concept, recently introduced by Toyota, also heralded the brand's new electric vehicles to come in the upcoming period.

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