Taiwan Transport Minister Takes Responsibility for 50 Killed Train Crash

Transport minister lin overtakes responsibility for taiwan train crash
Transport minister lin overtakes responsibility for taiwan train crash

The resignation of Minister Lin, who declared that 51 people in Taiwan will not escape responsibility while discussing whether there is negligence of the Ministry of Transport and the railways administration in the train accident has not been accepted for now. The person responsible for the crane that caused the accident was detained again yesterday, apologizing to the victims' families.

According to the news in Sputniknews;
“Although the Minister of Transport assumed responsibility in the biggest railway disaster of the last 50 years, in which 70 people died in Taiwan, his resignation was rejected.

According to a statement from Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang's office, Minister Lin verbally submitted his resignation request the previous day, but this request was rejected for now, as damage recovery efforts need to be focused.

The 488-wagon train, carrying about 8 passengers, crashed into the Chinshui Tunnel in the Hualien district on Friday, when it was parked on a hill near the rails and sliding onto the rails for an unspecified reason. Today, it was announced that the last dead body in the wreckage was reached.

On the other hand, Lee Yi-hsiang, the construction site chief in charge of the crane, was arrested by the prosecutor's office and was released on bail at the court where he was taken, but was detained again yesterday after objections. Expressing his regret in a written statement he read in front of his house while being taken by the police, Lee apologized, saying that he would cooperate with the investigators and assume the responsibility.

Too many standing passengers were taken to the train?

The Ministry of Transport is the target of criticism because of question marks such as why the surrounding of the construction site is not cordoned off and whether too many standing passengers are accepted on the train. Deputy Transport Minister Wang Kwo-tsai said on Saturday that the incident seemed negligent to him. The railways administration has also been temporarily run by another deputy transport minister, Chi Wen-chung, since his former director retired in January.

Public appeal from the authorities: send the photos you have

Meanwhile, Hualien Prosecutor Yu Hsiu-tuan asked the public to send them photos that could provide a clue to the accident.

Kazans youngest victim is a 5-year-old girl. Speaking to reporters in tears, the boy's relative said that he was very angry and was still waiting for an apology.

'The girl's voice grew softer, then she stopped altogether'

Priest Sung Chih-chiang also shared what a surviving traveler told him: “He could not find his daughter. Then he noticed that his daughter was caught under the steel panels. He tried to lift the panels one by one, but his daughter's voice grew weak. Then his voice was completely cut off. "

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