When Will Agricultural Support Payments Be Made?

When will the agricultural support payments be made?
When will the agricultural support payments be made?

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli announced that they will transfer the support of 394 million 514 thousand 187 liras to the accounts of the producers as of 18.00 today within the scope of agricultural support payments.

Minister Pakdemirli's statement on agricultural support payments is as follows:

“To 35.525 producers for Cereals - Legumes - Grain Corn;

94 Million 362 Thousand 593 TL

Within the scope of the Age Tea Difference Payment Support, 182.316 producers;

188 Million 561 Thousand 122 TL

To 34.798 producers within the scope of Forage Crops Support;

99 Million 585 Thousand 662 TL

To 2.454 producers for Certified Sapling Use Support;

9 Million 630 Thousand 312 TL

For Certified Seed Use Support, 4.952 producers;

2 Million 374 Thousand 498 TL

About to be A total of 394.514.187 TL Support Payments we will do. Payments will be transferred to the accounts of our producers as of 18.00:XNUMX today.

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