No Alcoholic Beverages Will Be Sold In Full Closing

Alcoholic beverages will not be sold in full closure
Alcoholic beverages will not be sold in full closure

📩 28/04/2021 15:07

Speaking to SÖZCÜ, a senior official from the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that alcoholic beverages cannot be sold during the 17-day full closure.

After the cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will enter a full closure period as of Thursday, April 29, and a continuous curfew will be imposed until 17:05.00 in the morning on May XNUMX.

All workplaces will suspend their activities, except for organizations that are exempted in areas such as production, manufacturing, food, cleaning and health, specified in the circular of the Ministry of Interior.

Alcohol sales were not allowed during the curfews on weekends. For this reason, it has been a matter of discussion whether the implementation will continue during the 'complete closure' process.

While the Ministry of Internal Affairs' circular issued on the restrictions did not include a clear statement that alcohol sales were prohibited, Erol Dündar, Chairman of Tekel Dealers Aid Association, said that monopoly dealers from their social media account will be open between 10.00 and 17.00 during the closing period, and that they are not covered by the ban.

Dündar said, “There is no alcohol sale ban. We made the necessary meetings and examined the circular. There is no product-based restriction. There is only a limitation for the duration of the activity. "There is no prohibition order or restriction decision reaching us through the sale of alcohol.

SÖZCÜ asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the issue. A senior official reported that the alcohol sale ban will apply throughout the 17-day closure period. The official stated that alcoholic beverages cannot be sold at Tekel dealers.


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