Staying at Home New Online Hobbies Kazannagging

staying home new online hobbies kazanis alive
staying home new online hobbies kazanis alive

Those who shut down within the scope of coronavirus measures turned to hobby private lessons that can be taken online to spend their time efficiently.

Armut, Turkey's largest online platform in the field of service, examined the online private lesson requests in the hobby category of those who spend more time at home due to the pandemic. According to the data obtained, it is seen that the demand for private lessons taken online to acquire a new hobby is increasing.

With the decision to close down due to the pandemic in our country, the time spent at homes will increase even more., the leader of the online service industry, shared the data of the demands for online hobby tutoring services, which have been on the rise for the past year. Demands for private lessons, which were mobilized every February of the year, declined in March with the effect of the pandemic last year. However, with the arrival of the spring months, it was observed that the demand started to increase again.

We devoted the free time left from the pandemic to a new hobby

With the increasing importance of time spent at home and the concept of distance, it was observed that the interest in online private lessons increased. In addition to those who want to take up a new hobby, white-collar employees who want to fill their time with a different activity outside of work showed interest in private hobby lessons. The demands of parents who are looking for new areas to attract their children have also attracted attention.

Among the most popular online course requests were language learning, painting, music, pilates, yoga and chess classes. The demand for English, German and French special classes has increased since last summer. It was noteworthy that face-to-face demands, which decreased in the first periods of the pandemic, increased by 76% with the introduction of online lessons since the summer months.

Our hobbies for art have increased

While it was observed that the pandemic period increased the interest in art, parallel to this, those who wanted to spend more productive time at home learned to draw and play musical instruments. Those who want to learn how to play a new instrument among the online courses, turned to private lessons such as guitar, violin and drums, while those who want to take the art of painting as a hobby became interested in painting private lessons. According to data, online private lesson demands in the hobby category, which includes music and painting lessons, have increased by an average of 37% since the summer, while the lessons that have increased the most are drum, violin and piano private lessons with more than 50% increase. Another noticeable increase was in private sports classes, which can be taken online, such as pilates, chess and yoga. According to the analyzed data, the demand for online pilates, chess and yoga classes increased by 2021% in 44.

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