Sony World Photography Awards KazanMoments List Announced

sony world photography awards general kazanmoments list announced
sony world photography awards general kazanmoments list announced

The World Photography Organization is the overall winner of the prestigious 2021 Sony World Photography Awards. kazanshared the list of moments with the public. Distinguished documentary photographer Craig Easton (UK) was named Photographer of the Year for his series Bank Top and was awarded a $25 cash prize plus an equipment kit of Sony's digital imaging products.

KazanThe moments were unveiled in a ceremonial video hosted by World Photography Organization CEO Scott Gray and TV and radio host and author Konnie Hug.

In addition, kazana virtual exhibition of current and final works; A specially produced documentary by art historian Jacky Klein and entertainer Nish Kumar and the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards book were also shared with the public. Created in collaboration with author and scholar Abdul Aziz Hafez, Bank Top examines the ways in which communities in northern England are presented and misrepresented, with a focus on the close-knit Bank Top neighborhood in Blackburn. Project; Easton's Thatcher's Children (Thatcher's Children, 2nd Place, Documentary Projects, 2021 Professional competition), an investigation into the chronic nature of poverty experienced by three generations of a family in this region, and the dreams, aspirations and fears of 16-year-olds from all walks of life. It forms part of his extensive work, including a glimpse into Sixteen (Sixteen was shortlisted in the Portrait category at the 2017 Awards).

Bank Top is one of the results of the project called Kick Down the Barriers, initiated by the Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery in response to media reports portraying the neighborhood as “Britain's most isolated neighborhood”. In its quest to challenge this narrative, the museum invited artists and writers to collaborate with residents of various neighborhoods to create a truly authentic representation of these communities.

Easton and Hafez worked closely with residents for a year, exploring their stories and experiences through a series of black & white portraits and accompanying texts. These portraits and texts highlight issues related to social deprivation, housing, unemployment, migration and representation, as well as the impact of past and current foreign policies. Easton's and Hafiz's work challenges simple generalizations and aims to provide a context for how these communities come together and provide a deeper insight into how they evolve together today.

Mike Trow, President of the 2021 Professional competition, said: “The most impressive aspect of this project is the intent, determination and insight that Craig has provided. Aware of the importance of words in such a sensitive project, they worked closely with the writer Abdul Aziz Hafız and together they formed parts of a whole. The people we're talking about here aren't the ones who specifically asked to be photographed, but Craig won their trust. kazanmike These people are looking at the camera with sincerity and we can see that there is a consensus between the documentary photographer and his subject. What makes this work so important and rewarding is the moral burden it carries.”

Easton, kazanCommenting on the winner, he says: “I am delighted that this work has been recognized by the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards. I take photos to learn, to understand, and to document and share stories. It is a privilege to be able to do this, to challenge perceptions and stereotypes; This is of particular importance to me. It's amazing that in the northern England where I live, the stories of under- or misrepresented communities are becoming known and shared around the world. Thank you."


Photographers who won the professional competition; They were selected by a panel of expert judges for presenting a superb set of five to ten photographs that ranged from stories of local significance to issues of global value, from moments of quiet resistance to moments of creative glamor and joy. All category winners are gifted with Sony's digital imaging kit.

this year kazanmoments:


KAZANTomáš Vocelka (Czech Republic) for his series AN: Eternal Hunting Grounds

Finalists: 2nd Frank Machalowski (Germany); 3rd Gu Guanghui (China)


  • KAZANMark Hamilton Gruchy (UK) for his series AN: The Moon Revisited
  • Finalists: 2nd Luigi Bussolati (Italy); 3rd Sasha Bauer (Russian Federation)


  • KAZANAN: Vito Fusco (Italy) with his series The Killing Daisy
  • Finalists: 2nd Craig Easton (UK); 3rd Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italy)


  • KAZANAN: Simone Tramonte (Italy) with her series titled Net-zero Transition
  • Finalists: 2nd Mohammad Madadi (Islamic Republic of Iran); 3rd Antonio Pérez (Spain)


  • KAZANAN: Majid Hojjati (Islamic Republic of Iran) with his series titled Silent Neighborhoods
  • Finalists: 2nd Andrea Ferro (Italy); 3rd Fyodor Savintsev (Russian Federation)


  • KAZANAN: Laura Pannack (UK) with Portfolio Overview
  • Finalists: 2nd Brais Lorenzo (Spain); 3rd Loli Laboureau (Argentina)


  • KAZANAN: Craig Easton (UK) with his series titled Bank Top
  • Finalists: 2nd Julia Fullerton-Batten (UK); 3rd Jane Hilton (UK)


  • KAZANAN: Sport and Fun Instead of War and Fear (Anas Alkharboutli (Syrian Arab Republic))
  • Finalists: 2nd Patrick Meinhardt (Spain); 3rd Farzam Saleh (Islamic Republic of Iran)


  • KAZANAN: Still Life Composition, Shot on Wet Plate Technique (Still Life Composition, Shot on Wet Plate) by Peter Eleveld (Netherlands)
  • Finalists: 2nd Alessandro Pollio (Italy); 3rd Paloma Rincon (Spain)


  • KAZANAN: Luis Tato (Spain) with Locust Invasion in East Africa
  • Finalists: 2nd place Graeme Purdy (UK); 3rd Angel Fitor (Spain)


The Free Branch Competition section was designed to appreciate the power of a single photograph. KazanThe photographs are selected for their ability to express a remarkable visual narrative, combined with technical excellence. Tamary Kudita (Zimbabwe), selected from among 10 Freestyle Competition winners, was the 2021 Freestyle Photographer, worthy of a $5 cash prize, as well as Sony's digital imaging equipment and global publicity.

Kudita won this win with her outstanding portrait of the African Victorian in the Creative category. kazanwas. The photograph depicts a young black woman in Victorian attire holding traditional Shona kitchen utensils. The photograph questions the stereotypical portrayal of the black female body and proposes an alternative visual language in which a multifaceted African identity is represented.

Regarding the first place he achieved, Kudita says: 'The African Victorian is an homage to present-day existence, whose roots also date back to history. It is a great honor to be selected as the winner of the Freelance Competition section. This award proves the role we play as creative content producers in shaping visual culture. The key idea in my work is the importance of how the African is represented. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to put Zimbabwean art on the map. '


Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography student Coenraad Heinz Torlage (South Africa) was selected as Student Photographer of the Year 2021, with 30 Euros worth of photography equipment on behalf of his school. kazanwas. Torlage was selected for her Young Farmers series, which she created in response to her mission statement, Our Time, which asks students to describe the way they and their peers see the world and how they plan to change it for the better. Growing up on a farm himself, Torlage aimed in Young Farmers to photograph a new generation of farmers facing severe droughts, debates over security and land ownership, as well as tough questions such as sustainability and food security, and how they can contribute to a more just and equitable future.

Torlage comments on his victory: “I had an experience that is almost impossible to describe. many times kazanI dreamed of the world and prayed that I could share my country, the wonderful people of this country, with the whole world. I believe in the young farmers of South Africa, which this country needs in terms of food, sustainability and ecological awareness. KazanBeing is a dream come true thanks to the amazing people I photographed and everyone who helped and supported me. I believe in work, family and above all in the grace of God. It is a great honor for me to have my photos accepted for such a prestigious competition. ”


six categories kazanPubarun Basu (India, 19 years old), chosen from among his memories, became the Young Photographer of the Year 2021 with his photograph titled No Escape from Reality. In the photo, the shadows of the balustrade reflecting on the screen create the illusion of the bars of a cage, while a pair of hands appear behind them as if trying to escape. The shadow illusion and hand gesture reveal the sense of entrapment that many people around the world have shared over the past year.

Basu comments on his win as follows: “I am honored to be named Young Photographer of the Year. Participating in this competition gave me a fresh perspective on my art. I've seen some extraordinary photos taken by young photographers around the world, and I was tremendously proud to have such brilliant minds in my generation. I aspire to develop myself as an artist and express my gratitude to my friends and family for always encouraging me. ”


This year's award for Outstanding Contribution to Photography was awarded to the famous Mexican artist Graciela Iturbide. Considered the most important living photographer in Latin America, Iturbide's work has been depicting Mexico in photographs since the late 1970s and has been appreciated for his contribution to the country's visual identity. In photographs on ritual and religion, Iturbide's work explores the diverse complex aspects and contradictions of his country, questions its inequalities, and reveals the tensions between the city and rural, modern and established culture. Iturbide goes beyond plain documentary narratives in her photographs and aims to present photographic subjects with a poetic vision illuminated by the photographer's personal experiences and journey.

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