Ramadan is an Opportunity to Quit Smoking

an opportunity to quit smoking in Ramadan
an opportunity to quit smoking in Ramadan

Smoking and tobacco use poses more dangers than ever in this period when we are struggling with Covid-19. We can turn the current Ramadan month into an opportunity to quit smoking.

Scientific studies show that people who smoke and are exposed to tobacco smoke have a much higher risk of contracting Covid-19 than those who do not and are not exposed to cigarette smoke.

Smoking can cause extremely serious health problems during Ramadan as well. After non-smoking all day, smoking repeatedly after iftar or using another tobacco product causes sudden increases in the level of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood. As a result of this, there is a narrowing of the vessels and it becomes difficult to carry enough oxygen to the organs. As a result, the risk of high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage and stroke increases. In addition, sudden nicotine spikes cause palpitations and increase the risk of heart attack.

If the amount of tobacco products consumed in one full day is consumed in the short time between iftar and sahur, the harmful effects increase exponentially. For these reasons, it is necessary not to start using tobacco products immediately after iftar, and even consider the month of Ramadan as an opportunity to get rid of this addiction.

In the fight against tobacco addiction, the longer the time spent away from tobacco products and the more permanent it becomes, the less physical need for tobacco products decreases. Special days such as Ramadan contribute positively to the determination and willpower of smokers and facilitate the quitting process.

For those who want to quit smoking, the Ministry of Health ALO 171 Smoking Cessation Information Line is open 7/24 during Ramadan.

While support is provided for cognitive-behavioral treatments that will facilitate the smoking cessation process, drug treatment can be initiated by our physicians in the smoking cessation polyclinics. The drugs used in smoking cessation treatment are offered to our citizens free of charge.

As soon as tobacco use is stopped, the health risks it creates are decreasing and a positive change begins in the body. For this reason, we invite our citizens who use cigarettes and other tobacco products to quit smoking, taking the opportunity of Ramadan and with the support of the Ministry of Health.

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