Pandemic Increases Online Shopping by 4 Percent

pandemic online shopping increased by percentage
pandemic online shopping increased by percentage

The e-commerce volume, which was 213 billion TL last year, is expected to increase to 240 billion TL this year. The rate of online shopping, which was 34 percent before the pandemic, is expected to increase to 2021 percent in 38.

The E-Commerce Summit, organized by the Federation of All Effective Industrialists, Businessmen and Business Women (TESİAD), brought together e-commerce experts. At the summit held online this year, "What Is E-Commerce, How Is It Made?" The subject has been processed. The changing dynamics of the sector were discussed in the event, where the questions of companies and individuals who want to enter the e-commerce market were answered. In the online event, information was given about integrated digital marketing, especially search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media advertising, which have become indispensable for reaching a strong player position in the e-commerce market.

54 percent of consumers say social media first, then shopping

Gökhan Bülbül, CEO of digital performance agency EG Information Technologies, who took part as a speaker at the summit, emphasized that consumer behavior has changed with the pandemic. Pointing out that the most critical issue in e-commerce is to manage digital marketing channels correctly, Bülbül said, “According to We Are Social data, 54 percent of consumers visit the social media channels of the relevant brand to learn more about the product they will buy. Awareness in online shopping has increased and it is necessary to evaluate the target audience far beyond demographics. Integrating Google advertising and social media is among the most important conditions of this market. "The golden rule of achieving results in the face of changing consumer needs and habits is to have a sustainable and measurable digital marketing strategy."

The rate of online shopping will increase from 34 percent to 38 percent

According to the Presidential Annual Program of 2021, the e-commerce volume, which was 213 billion lira last year, is expected to increase to 240 billion lira this year. It is estimated that the rate of online shoppers, which was at the level of 2019 percent in 34,1 and increased to 2020 percent in 36,5, will increase to 2021 percent in 38.



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