Moscow Kazan Motorway Will Finish 3 Years Ahead Of The Planned Date

Moscow Kazan Highway will end early in the year
Moscow Kazan Highway will end early in the year

The Russian government has announced that it has allocated 93 billion rubles this year alone for road construction of international standards, which is seen as one of the biggest shortcomings in the country. The Moscow-Kazan highway, for which a separate budget was allocated, was announced as a priority project.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that 40 billion rubles had been allocated for the completion of the Moscow-Kazan highway, this project would become an important part of the Europe-West China international corridor.

The government plans to complete this highway in early 2024.

It was previously announced that the Moscow-Kazan highway will end in 2027. The resource allocated to the project exceeds 650 billion rubles.

The highway will reduce the time from 10 hours to 6,5 hours.

In current figures, the toll is expected to be 1600 rubles.

At the end of 2019, the project was brought to the agenda on TürkRus.Com with the following news:

Approval to the Moscow-Kazan highway project

Finally, the final decision was made for an important infrastructure project that has been on the agenda for years. Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev approved the Moscow-Kazan highway project. According to the news of Vedomosti newspaper based on sources close to the subject, the Moscow-Vladimir and Kazan ring road stages of the four-lane road will be completed before 2024. The construction of the middle part of the road will end in 2027.

The newspaper writes that the cost of the new highway is around 550 billion rubles (8,5 billion dollars). According to some reports in the Russian media in August, the government was considering various options, including the complete cancellation of the highway project.

The Moscow-Kazan highway will double the travel time between the two cities to 6,5 hours.

Source: TürkRus.Com



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