Minister Varank Dates for VLP Vaccine

minister varank gave date for vlp vaccine
minister varank gave date for vlp vaccine

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that if the vaccine candidate based on virus-like particles (VLP) developed in Turkey is successful, it can be said to the world that "the effectiveness and protection of our vaccine can be produced much better and under suitable conditions", " we can take it in our hands. " said.

Minister Varank answered the questions of journalists in a live broadcast he attended from Informatics Valley on Habertürk television.


Pointing out that they held meetings with scientists before the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic came within the borders of Turkey, Varank stated that they evaluated what can be done to develop vaccines and drugs. Reminding that they established the “COVID-19 Turkey Platform” under the roof of TÜBİTAK, Varank said that they asked scientists to carry out vaccine and drug studies that could result in a short time without spreading them for long periods.


Stating that 7 different vaccine development studies have started under the platform, Varank said, “Among these, there is an innovative vaccine study based on virus-like particles called VLP and human studies in 4 countries in the world, which I am a volunteer. There are also vaccine studies that we call inactive, mRNA and adenovirus. VLP vaccine started human trials, Phase-1 studies are coming to an end. In the inactive vaccine, our teacher Osman Erganiş has just started human trials. There are studies supported in different universities of Turkey. The inactive vaccine candidate is being studied in Kayseri, they are at the end of the Phase-2 study. " said.


Varank stated that they started vaccination studies with TÜBİTAK and that these studies were accelerated with Kovid-19, and that they worked with the Ministry of Health in 1998 to revive a forgotten experience in Turkey. If the VLP vaccine study is successful, the world "The effectiveness and protection of our vaccine can be produced in much better and appropriate conditions." Varank, who expressed that they can be called, "If everything is successful, we think that we can get our vaccine in VLP technology in autumn." found the assessment.


Reminding that private sector companies in Turkey have reached an agreement to produce the vaccine of Russia, Varank, from BioNTech company. Dr. He said that they are in constant communication with Uğur Şahin and that they offer him joint production in Turkey. Stating that Uğur Şahin is currently focusing on increasing the capacity of his own production facilities, Varank said, “He has a desire to work in Turkey. He especially wants to come to Turkey about cancer research. As of now, joint production is not on the agenda, but Uğur Hoca's desire to come is on the agenda. We want to meet with him when he comes, and to work on cancer research together. " he spoke.


Emphasizing that they give great support to the private sector with the incentive system and R&D ecosystem, Varank drew attention to the fact that Turkey will be able to produce its own vaccines in a short time if it is necessary to carry out any vaccine-related activities in the next period. Varank informed that the vaccine candidate designed according to the British mutation will be used in the Phase-2 study, which is planned to start the VLP study next month.


Explaining the process of volunteering for the VLP vaccine, Varank said, “In order to be a volunteer in a phase study, you have not been vaccinated, did not develop antibodies in the body and the PCR result must be negative. I could volunteer because I had these conditions. I had promised our teachers. I also care about being a volunteer. If we are talking about national and domestic vaccine development work, we need volunteers. You have to say that these vaccines are on people so that you can start mass production. " said.

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