Mercedes-EQ Family Electric Model Introduced at Shanghai Auto Show

Electric model of mercedes eq family introduced at sangay auto show
Electric model of mercedes eq family introduced at sangay auto show

The version of the new EQB for the Chinese market will be unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, held between 21-28 April 2021. New EQB, eqa after offering fully electric second compact was seating areas up to the capacity of the Mercedes-EQ family EQB, the üretilecek.y NEW eqb'n in Hungary for the European market is scheduled to be sold in Turkey in 2022.

Whether it is the core or large families, the new EQB, with its seven-seat option, can meet the different transportation needs of families. The new EQB thus stands out as one of the exceptional examples not only of the compact class, but also of the electric car world. The additional two-seater row in the third row not only provides comfort for passengers up to 1,65 meters, but also allows the addition of child seats.

EQB; powerful and efficient electric power-transfer system, intelligent recovery energy recovery kazanIt uses many elements in common with the New EQA, including navigation solution and predictive navigation with “Electric Intelligence”. The EQB is scheduled to go on sale in China later this year.

The electric car move expands in every class

Mercedes-Benz's electric car move is progressing without slowing down. The first all-electric model of the Mercedes-EQ brand EQC, took place in many markets including Turkey. While the first deliveries of the New EQA started in Europe, the EQS, a completely original and electric member of the New S-Series family, was introduced with its world launch last week. Immediately after the launch of the EQS, the version of the New EQB for the Chinese market was introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show in China with its world launch. The design of the new all-electric compact SUV interprets the Mercedes-EQ's "Innovative Luxury" concept with an original and traditional approach.

The new EQB is offered for sale in the Chinese market with a power option of 215 kW. In the European market, different versions will be offered with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and some with power options over 200 kW.

In addition, a fairly long-range version is planned. NEDC combined power consumption of the EQB 350 4MATIC in Europe: 16,2 kWh / 100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g / km, range 478 km, WLTP combined power consumption: 19,2 kWh / 100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g / km, range 419 km.

Spacious interior and a variable flat floor trunk


The new EQB (length / width / height: 4.684 / 1.834 / 1.667 mm) expands Mercedes' successful family of compact cars and is particularly closely tied to the EQA and another compact SUV GLB. The long wheelbase (2.829mm), wide and variable interior and the choice of 7-seater seats also demonstrate this common bond.

The new EQB offers its users an extremely spacious interior: 1.035 mm of headroom in the front seats and 979 mm in the rear seats in the five-seater car, while 87 mm knee room in the rear seats also adds to the comfort. There are 495-1.710 liters of luggage space for five people and 465-1.620 liters in a seven-seat option. The five-seater car has folding and tilt-adjustable seat backrests as standard in the rear seats, while optional manual seats that can move forward and backward by 140 mm are offered. Thus, depending on the need, the luggage volume can be increased by 190 liters and different usage patterns can be created.

EQB can be purchased with an optional (standard in China) 7-seater seat option. Two extra seats offer comfortable seating for passengers up to 1,65 meters. There is a rich level of safety equipment, with curtain airbags covering the third row of seats as well as extendable headrests and seat belts. Four child seats can be fixed in the second and third row seats, as well as one in the front passenger seat. In order to increase the luggage capacity in line with the needs and usage, the third row seats can be folded completely and brought to the same level with the luggage floor.


Electric vehicle design with sharp lines and corners

The EQB interprets the Mercedes-EQ's “Innovative Luxury” with angular and sharp lines. Black panel Mercedes-EQ grille with a central star at the front and LED light strip at the front and rear as the characteristic design detail of the Mercedes-EQ's fully electric vehicle world. The horizontal light strip connects the daytime running lights of the full LED headlights and creates a distinctive look both day and night. The blue accents in the headlights, which are carefully shaped with quality details, support the look of Mercedes-EQ.

The living space, which is completely based on functionality, contributes to the interior comfort. Protective coatings surrounding the car's exterior, muscular shoulder line and wheels positioned close to fender line give the EQB a strong character and a confident stance on the road. kazanyelling. A choice of up to 20-inch alloy wheels is available in two or three different colors with “Rosegold” or blue trim.

The LED backlight assembly combines with the LED light strip. This design detail reinforces the width perception of the EQB. The plate integrated into the bumper provides freedom in tailgate design. Raised roof rails support the functionality of the EQB.

Inside, the large dashboard design includes a recess in the driver and front passenger areas. In front of the driver is a fully digital widescreen cockpit. Usage and visuality are provided via MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). Cylinder-like aluminum trims on the door panels, center console and driver's side of the instrument cluster give the interior a strong and solid look. kazanyelling.

Depending on the equipment, the rear ambience lighting reflective front console decoration option and the "rosegold" look decorations on the air vents, seats and the car key emphasize the electric car character of the EQB. “Rose gold” and blue details are also used in the indicator theme specific to electric cars.

With a wind friction coefficient starting from 0.28, the EQB offers a very good value. The frontal area is 2,53 m2. Fully enclosed cool air intake system, aerodynamic front and rear bumper, smooth and almost completely closed lower body, front and rear adapted wheel spoilers and special tires with low friction value increase aerodynamic efficiency.

Efficient driving pleasure thanks to Electric Intelligence navigation

ECO Assistant provides energy recovery optimized for driving conditions. kazanIt provides recuperation. The system creates an efficiency strategy with information from navigation data, traffic sign identification system and vehicle sensors. With the predictive driving provided by the system, consumption is reduced and the range is extended as much as possible.

The standard Electric Intelligence navigation also contributes to the ease of daily use. The system calculates the fastest route, including the required charging breaks along the route. In line with the ongoing range simulations, many factors such as geographic conditions and weather are taken into account as well as charging breaks. The system also reacts instantly to changes in traffic conditions or the driver's driving style. In addition, the navigation with Electric Intelligence ensures that the high-voltage battery is brought to the ideal charging temperature before the charging break.

Advanced charging technology, wide charging network and environmentally friendly electricity

The EQB can be charged with alternating current (AC) up to 11 kW using the integrated charger at home or public charging points. The charging time required for a full charge varies depending on the existing infrastructure and the equipment of the car. With the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, it can be charged much faster than a household socket.

Charging is getting faster with direct current (DC) fast charging stations. The EQB can be charged up to 100 kW, depending on the state of charge and the temperature of the high-voltage battery and the charging source. Depending on the state of charge, 10 minutes is enough to charge from 80 percent to 30 percent. There is a CCS (Combined Charging Systems) socket on the right of the EQB for AC and DC charging.

Advanced driving assistance systems and high collision safety

The EQB is equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance systems that support the driver. Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist are offered as standard. Active Brake Assist can prevent or reduce the severity of a collision by applying autonomous braking in many risky driving conditions. The system also detects and brakes vehicles that are stationary at city driving speeds or pedestrians crossing the road. For example, functions such as Emergency Maneuver Assist, Congestion emergency braking function, Exit Warning System for approaching cyclists or vehicles, as well as the detection and warning function of people on the pedestrian crossing, expand the scope of the Driving Assistance Package.

The EQB also exhibits true Mercedes qualities at the passive safety point. The body of the EQB, which is based on the robust body structure of the GLB, has been adapted to the requirements of electric cars. The battery is integrated into a skeleton consisting of profiles. This skeleton replaces structural reinforcement elements previously used in the ground. In front of the battery, there is a battery protection that protects the battery.

Naturally, the EQB meets the brand's stringent crash test program. In addition, strict safety requirements are imposed on batteries and all elements carrying electricity.

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