Maya Schools and Beils Join Forces for Hybrid English Education

Maya schools and beils joined forces for hybrid English education
Maya schools and beils joined forces for hybrid English education

Maya Schools, one of the leading educational institutions in Turkey, joined forces with Beils, the leading brand of online English education. Maya Schools students will maximize their English speaking skills with Beils' globally successful English effective communication program in the new academic year.

Maya Schools, one of the leading educational institutions of Turkey and preparing nearly 6 thousand students in 4 different campuses for the future with the most comprehensive education methods, cooperated with Beils, one of the world's leading brands in online English speaking education. With the agreement made by the two leading educational institutions, students studying at Maya Schools in the new academic year will be included in Beils's English speaking and effective communication program. With this program, Maya Schools aims to continue the opportunities it offers to its students in the field of English communication by taking advantage of the opportunities of hybrid education above world standards.

Maya Schools, which does not consider the hybrid education model in which face-to-face and distance education is carried out together, as a necessity created by the epidemic process, but defines it as an opportunity created by the new world order, has made very serious investments in both technology and teacher training in the field of online education. Stating that they achieved a complete satisfaction with their students' motivation, affective, cognitive and social participation and learning outcomes, Levent Okut, Founding Representative of Maya Schools, said, “Maya Schools had no difficulty in adapting to the epidemic period. During this period, we gathered the fruits of all the technological solutions we established 5 years ago. We continue our preparations for 5 years from now. Our vision of education, which considers each student unique and focuses on 21st century and life skills to prepare our students for future business areas and life, which we do not even know the name of, facilitated our transition from face-to-face education to distance education. In fact, online technologies are just a tool; "The important thing is to ensure that students participate in the lesson with all their selves and to realize an active learning environment."

Beils' 'fluent English speaking' pilot lessons got full marks

A successful pilot study was carried out at Maya Schools within the scope of Beils' "K-12 Online English Speaking Lesson Project". Beils' mother tongue teachers and teacher educators, who are known worldwide in speaking, effective communication, active learning and online education, conducted fluent English speaking classes with Maya Schools students. The pilot study was carried out in an environment where students attend classes online at their homes and parents can also observe. With the pilot study, besides observing the motivation of the students, their active participation in the lesson, their interaction in 12-person virtual classes, effective communication and English speaking skills were observed. kazanclimb was aimed. World-renowned English education writer Sue Parminter, who is among the teachers who took the pilot courses, made the following assessments about the pilot study at Maya Schools:

“The active participation of all students, without exception, was excellent. Our goal was to enable students to talk with analytical and creative questions in virtual rooms, to develop 'oracy', ie effective communication skills, such as active listening, sharing their opinions, and presenting different opinions on a topic. The students' level of English was very high for their age group and class, and they spoke with complete confidence, without fear of making mistakes. They were so motivated that they did not want the classes to end. Even after the lesson, we continued to talk together. It was a great pleasure to be together with Maya students in an English speaking environment. "

After this successful pilot study, Maya Schools decided to work with Beils in the new academic year and signed a cooperation agreement.

An Understanding That Investments In Education

Maya Schools prepare children for the future with its international curriculum. Maya Schools, which is one of the few schools that can develop "know-how" in education among thousands of schools in Turkey, continues to work without slowing down with the education investments it has made. With its pioneering practices, Maya, which aims to raise children who have 21st century skills, can solve problems and have developed self-confidence, continues to break grounds with an understanding of education that knows no boundaries.

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