Train Station Construction Works Started in Killik

Train Station Construction Work Has Started For Domestic Solid Waste In Killik
Train Station Construction Work Has Started For Domestic Solid Waste In Killik

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality started the construction of a train station in Killik District of Alaşehir district within the scope of the project of transporting domestic solid waste by train.

Work started in the Alaşehir part of the project of transporting household solid wastes by train, which was implemented by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in order to protect nature and the environment in Manisa. Site delivery was made for the construction of the train station in Killik District. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General, Ali Öztozlu, also made examinations in the area where the station will be built, together with Ugur Topkaya, Head of the Department of Science, Himmet Güneş, Alaşehir Headman Affairs Manager, technical staff and contractor company officials.

Our Environmentalist Investments Continue at Full Speed

Uğur Topkaya, Head of the Department of Science, made a statement after the examinations. Stating that environmentalist investments continue at full speed with the instructions of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, Topkaya said, “Last week, we signed the contract for the construction of a station for the transportation of solid wastes in Alaşehir Killik and Yunusemre Muradiye. We are here today for site delivery. Within the scope of this project, a train station will be built in Killik neighborhood in Alaşehir district and in Muradiye neighborhood of Yunusemre district. Solid wastes collected from homes will be loaded into containers at solid waste transfer stations and transported here by trucks. Here, after loading on the train, it will come to the station we will build in Muradiye. Solid wastes will be disposed of by moving trucks to Uzunburun Solid Waste Disposal and Landfill Facility in Muradiye. By transporting domestic solid wastes by train, both fuel savings will be achieved and it will make a great contribution to the environment as carbon emissions are reduced. Good luck, ”he said.

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