Kervan Intersection Improvement Project Starts

caravan roundabout improvement project begins
caravan roundabout improvement project begins

The "Kervan intersection improvement project", which will relieve the traffic congestion at the Kervan Intersection, has come to an end. With the works to be started after the Ramadan Feast, new pockets and smart signaling system will take the traffic load at the intersection. Drivers will save time and fuel.

The improvement project is being implemented at Kervan Junction, which is one of the points where the traffic load is the most in Düzce. The most suitable project was determined for the intersection of the crossing route of TEM and D-100 Connection Road, Bahçeşehir, Bus Station, Cultural Center, Courthouse, Provincial Police Department. Düzce Mayor Dr. Faruk Özlü gave the good news that the last preparations were made to implement the project.


President Özlü stated that they were the first to build viaducts in the Kervan junction area, but it was determined that the area was physically insufficient to build viaducts and said, “The area did not meet the conditions of the highways. The intersection proposed by the Highways would divide the two neighborhoods and be more useless than the current one. When we could not reach an agreement with the highways, we, as Düzce Municipality, took action to take over the intersection area ”.


Stating that alternative projects related to the region were also evaluated with stakeholders prior to the acquisition, Özlü said that the most appropriate project was agreed. Stating that after a series of meetings it was decided to make an improvement project, Mayor Özlü; “We were in constant communication and held meetings with our Fevziçakmak and Cedidiye Neighborhood headmen, NGO representatives, local tradesmen and citizens. We wanted to do whatever is the best, the healthiest, the fastest for both the region and the whole city. With the approval of our headmen, it was decided to improve the current situation at the intersection included in the Transportation Master Plan. Our expert teams conducted vehicle counts at the intersection and reported the current state and the predicted analyzes after the project. According to the report, our drivers using the intersection will save fuel and time, and vehicles will cause less damage to the environment by emitting less exhaust. "We will start the construction of our project right after the Ramadan Feast and complete it in a short time and put it into service of our people."

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