Kasımpaşa Divanhane Old Police Station Building No More

kasimpasa divanhane old police station no more
kasimpasa divanhane old police station no more

Divanhane Old Police Station in Kasımpaşa could not be saved despite the struggle of IMM to survive. The burning, which IMM initiated the judicial process on March 12, was carried out last night with the work of construction equipment and personnel. Istanbul has lost an important historical heritage dating back to the 19th century through the Preservation Board and other public institutions.

The process that started with the demolition of the Divanhane Old Police Station, the structure of Sultan Abdulaziz, ended last night. An important historical heritage of Istanbul; The objections of the IMM were destroyed, despite the cancellation application and the change of the route shown as the reason for the project and the judicial process initiated. The work started in January using construction equipment and hilti increased the intensity last night. The historical structure of Kasımpaşa Square was destroyed as a result of the processes involving a large number of personnel and construction equipment.


The Conservation Board approved the project, which involves demolishing the Divanhane Old Police Station and building a wider road and intersection in its place. The structure of Sultan Abdulaziz, dating back to the 19th century, was subjected to demolition with machine tools and trickery as a result of work based on the decision of the board. IMM Protection Application and Inspection Bureau (KUDEB) took action upon the notices received and examined the historical structure. The teams inspecting the work, which is among the cultural heritage of Istanbul, kept a report regarding the work.

In order to stop the demolition of the historical building, IMM requested the Ministry of Culture No.2 Preservation Board to stop the demolition on February 2. The road, which was cited as the reason for the demolition, changed its route on February 4. He also filed a criminal complaint on February 12. IMM Deputy Secretary General Mahir Polat held a press conference at the point where the demolition took place and said that the judicial process was initiated. Stating that the demolition was carried to the Istanbul 10th Administrative Court, Polat said, “Did you shroud the Police Station or take it to the coffin? What is this image? If you are doing a respectable and appropriate job, what are you hiding by waiting so long, by hiding, by blocking our authorized units in every audit ”he asked. While the judicial process, which was announced by Polat, continued, the demolition process regarding the historical building continued. Istanbul has lost an important historical heritage.

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