Top 3 Problems of Istanbulites Transportation, Economic Problems and Earthquake

Istanbul's first problem is transportation, economic problems and earthquake
Istanbul's first problem is transportation, economic problems and earthquake

IMM IPA Istanbul Statistical Office has published the Istanbul Barometer March Report. While the first three problems of Istanbul residents were seen as transportation with 41.2 percent, economic problems with 40.5 percent and a possible Istanbul earthquake with 36.9 percent, 60.4 percent think that the Turkish economy will deteriorate. 50.2%, enough to live on kazan39% borrows when they can't. 73.2 percent of job seekers believe they will not be able to find a job anytime soon.

Istanbul Planning Agency Istanbul Statistics Office keeps the pulse of Istanbul in many topics ranging from the domestic agenda of the people of Istanbul to their mood levels, from their economic preferences to job satisfaction, with the Istanbul Barometer Research. Barometer's March report was prepared by telephone conversation with 22 residents of Istanbul between March 2021, 5 and April 2021, 713. The views of Istanbulites were reflected in the March Report as follows:

Istanbul's 3 problems: Transportation, economic problems and earthquake

The top three problems of Istanbul were seen as transportation with 41.2 percent, economic problems with 40.5 percent and possible Istanbul earthquake with 36.9 percent. These problems were followed by immigrants and refugees, urban transformation problems. Problems in women, economic problems, possible Istanbul earthquake and transportation; transportation, economic problems and possible Istanbul earthquake among men. When analyzed according to socioeconomic level, the top three problems at the upper socioeconomic level were stated as transportation with 50.9 percent, possible Istanbul earthquake with 43.4 percent and Kanal Istanbul with 32.1 percent, while the problem titles at the lower and middle socioeconomic level did not change.

73.2 percent believe they will not be able to find a job in the near term

76.4 percent of the participants who stated that they were working stated that they were satisfied with their job and 72 percent stated that they did not fear being fired. 73.2 percent of job seekers believe that they will not be able to find a job in the near term.

60.4 percent, think the economy will worsen in Turkey

60.4 percent of respondents would worsen Turkey's economy, 21.2 percent will not change the course of the opinion that while 18.4 percent healed. Compared to February, Turkey has increased the rate of those who think the economy will worsen. Socioeconomic level increases will worsen Turkey's economy has seen an increase in the proportion of saying.

52.8 percent of the respondents think that their economic situation will worsen, 31.6 percent will not change, 15.6 percent will improve.

50.2%, enough to live on kazansucking

50.2% of the participants are enough to make a living kazaninfertility, 47.3 percent kazan2.5 percent stated that they could make additional savings. Participants who stated that they could save; 51.6% said they bought gold, 32.8% crypto money and 25% foreign currency. In February, the investment vehicle with the highest rate after gold was foreign currency, while in March it was crypto money.

39 percent borrowed

39 percent of respondents stated that they borrowed, 5.1 percent lent, 2.9 percent both lent and borrowed, and 52.9 percent said they borrowed or not.

29.7 percent can pay the minimum amount of the credit card

While 46.7 percent of credit card users can pay the entire credit card statement, 29.7 percent pay the minimum amount, 3.6 percent pay between the minimum and all, 4.2 percent can pay less than the minimum amount, 15.8 percent cannot pay at all.

Stress level: 7

Anxiety and stress levels decreased in March compared to last month. The stress level of Istanbul residents was 10 out of 7, and their anxiety level was 6.8.

Yphase satisfaction: 4.8

The level of satisfaction with life was set at 4.8, the same as last month, while the level of happiness was 5.2.

29.5 percent got into a loud argument

29.5 percent of the participants entered the discussion loudly. 15.5 percent of Istanbul residents working in the business environment; 24 percent of housewives had quarrels in a family environment. It was observed that 1 percent of working women and 7.3 percent of working men had a conflict in traffic / transportation.

63.1 percent doing brisk walking

25.2 percent of the participants do sports regularly; 63,1 percent of them stated that they did activities such as brisk walking, 22.9 percent fitness and bodybuilding, 7.3 percent yoga and pilates.


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