Who Are Istanbul Public Bread Buffets Served!

Who are given the Istanbul folk bread buffets
Who are given the Istanbul folk bread buffets

IMM has started to establish 60 new IHE kiosks, which are operated by the relatives of martyrs, veterans, disabled, widows and orphans throughout the city. This number will be increased to 142 as soon as possible. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, in the announcement made on the subject from their social media accounts, emphasized that they determined the points where the kiosks would be established according to the poverty map. The new HRE kiosks have not only made it easier for citizens to access cheap and healthy bread. At the same time, it also provided the opening of new business areas in the country's economy that was shrinking.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started to establish new public bread buffets throughout the city. Neighborhoods without bread kiosks in Istanbul were determined prior to the installation. The financial strength of the residents of these neighborhoods was evaluated. Then, action was taken to establish 60 kiosks all over Istanbul. This number will increase to 142 in a short time. It became easier for citizens, whose economic problems increased during the pandemic period, to affordable and healthy bread. New business areas were opened.


IMM President, who defines urban poverty as one of the most important problems of Istanbul and started many projects from Halk Süt to free seedling support to farmers and regional employment offices after he took office. Ekrem İmamoğlu announced their work on their social media accounts as follows:

“Yeni Halk Ekmek Buffets started to be established in many points of Istanbul. At the points we determined according to the poverty map; We will bring the healthiest and cheapest bread to Istanbul residents in a way that will be managed by the relatives of martyrs, veterans, disabled, widows and orphans. "


In this period when the economic recession made life very difficult, IMM made positive discrimination in the management of the new Istanbul Halk Ekmek (IHE) kiosks. He gave the operation of the buffets to disadvantaged groups. Accordingly, 60 percent of the 25 kiosks being established will be run by relatives of martyrs, 25 percent by veterans, 25 percent by disabled and 25 percent by widows and orphans. Okan Gedik, General Manager of IHE, said, “We received support from the Social Services Department of the Metropolitan Municipality in determining the operators. "We get in touch with the names determined here one by one, make our contracts and start to set up our kiosks," he said.


Emphasizing that the names determined by the IMM Social Services Department go to the door one by one, Özgen Nama, Deputy Chairman of the Board of IHE, said:

“We attach great importance to the fact that the buffets are operated by those in need, not by those who favor. For this reason, we went back to the houses of the names identified on the lists. We opened its doors. We are sure of their condition. We started to set up kiosks, especially in poor neighborhoods that previously did not have HRE sales points. Thus, while bringing our hundreds of thousands of citizens together with cheap and healthy bread, we also opened a business door for 60 families in need. "


There is no change in the design of the new IHE kiosks. Buffets continue to be set up according to the main design called "IHE new concept". However, one of the groups that are given priority in the operation of new kiosks is citizens with disabilities. The new IHE kiosks have been made more ergonomic in order for them to work more comfortably and to meet occupational safety and health requirements. Thus, the features of ergonomics that reduce costs, increase productivity and create a safety culture in working life were used.


The opening of new kiosks has also given hope to the citizens in our country, where unemployment is rapidly increasing. Aydın Kandemir, who took the management of the IHE Buffet, expressed his feelings as follows:

“I applied because I am disabled. I am constantly being treated at Cerrahpaşa for kidney failure and vascular occlusion. I was unemployed. I couldn't work in any job anyway. Many people applied. We got out of it. I could not dream it. I never believed that such a thing would come out. Thank goodness it turned out. We are currently at work. Of course I am happy. At least I will bring bread to my child. That's enough for me. "


The fact that the kiosks are run by the relatives of the martyrs, veterans, disabled, widows and orphans were welcomed by the citizens.

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