Unintentional Tremors in Your Hands Can Take Over Your Body

involuntary tremors in your hands can take over your body
involuntary tremors in your hands can take over your body

Essential Tremor, which causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking, starts to negatively affect daily life when left untreated. Have you noticed that your hands start to shake slightly and then gradually increase? Sometimes your hands do not shake at all, and sometimes they do not even write to you? The most common cause of hand tremors is Essential Tremor. Although it can be seen at any age, the incidence increases with age. Neurology Specialist Dr. Mehmet Yavuz talked about the curiosities about Essential Tremor.

Don't wait for your hand shaking to pass

Tremor, which is among the hyperkinetic movement disorders, is involuntary movements seen in one or more parts of the body. Essential Tremor, one of the tremor types, is a neurological disease and causes rhythmic tremors in the hands, legs, voice, trunk and buttocks. The tremor can typically worsen when the hands are extended or making fine hand movements. For example, the person may have difficulty holding a glass, spoon or writing. Unless patients experience an obstacle due to tremors, they do not need to consult a specialist. However, it should not be too late for treatment.

Listen to the signals your body transmits

Although the symptoms in Essential Tremor vary according to the person and the stage, the majority of patients complain of similar symptoms. These;

  • Difficulties in writing,
  • Difficulty in grasping and controlling objects,
  • The trembling of your voice and tongue while speaking,
  • Increased tremors during stressful and busy periods,
  • The tremors that increase in motion slow down at rest,
  • Twitching in the eyes, eyelids and certain parts of the face,
  • Balance problems causing falls and injuries.

Genetic factor plays an active role

The cause of Essential Tremor is not known exactly. However, it has also been seen in patients and family members. Early onset of the disease is common when it is encountered genetically. Although it is thought that Essential Tremor originates from the brain, no findings were found in the brain imaging of the patients.

Not every shiver signals Parkinson's

Essential Tremor is often confused with Parkinson's. Most people go to the doctor after tremors start to worry about Parkinson's. Tremors are an important symptom of Parkinson's disease. However, it is not correct to diagnose only with this symptom. In addition to shaking, it progresses with additional symptoms such as slow movement, stiffness in muscles, gait and balance disorders. It can also occur in many signs that are not related to movement. For this reason, a specialist doctor should be consulted and the necessary tests should be done.

Treatment is indispensable for severe symptoms

There is no cure for Essential Tremor. However, the progression of symptoms is gradual and slow. There are treatment methods that can help alleviate the symptoms. The degree of the disease plays an important role in determining the treatment method to be used. If your symptoms are minor, you may not need treatment. In more severe and severe symptoms, methods such as medication, botox and surgical intervention are used.

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