Completely Closing Comment from İmamoğlu 'I am very glad'

Full closure interpretation from ekrem imamogl
Full closure interpretation from ekrem imamogl

📩 28/04/2021 10:14

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumet with 27 female drivers who started to work at IETT during their time at iftar. İmamoğlu, who opened his fast at the same table with his colleagues, made his first assessment about the full closure decision taken by the government here. Expressing his satisfaction with the decision, İmamoğlu said, “I am frankly very happy with the closure process. I had announced before, 'It should be'. Because, in order to have good days, we need to get out of this difficult period quickly. In that respect, the closure was good,” he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluHe had his iftar with 27 female drivers working in IETT. Drivers whose Kovid-19 tests were negative, and names from IMM and IETT senior management attended the iftar held at IETT Edirnekapi Garage. İmamoğlu was accompanied by İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, President Advisors Ertan Yıldız, Yiğit Duman, İETT Deputy General Manager Murat Altınkardeşler and İETT Metrobus Department Head Zeynep Pınar Mutlu in the fast-breaking fast-breaking organization. İmamoğlu and the administrators sat at each table separately.


Addressing his colleagues before the iftar, İmamoğlu conveyed his health wishes to everyone due to the difficult Kovid process. Expressing his satisfaction with the full closure decision taken by the government, İmamoğlu said, “I am very pleased with the closure process. I had announced before, 'It should be'. Because, we need to get out of this difficult period quickly to have good times. Therefore, the closure was good. This will probably relieve our IETT institution the most. In this process, IETT is one of our institutions that perform the most risky task. Our drivers were very troubled in this regard. Today, I wanted to be on our iftar table together with our female driver employees, IETT's top management and female laborers working in different units. First of all, may Allah accept it ”he said.


Emphasizing that working women are very important for social happiness, İmamoğlu said:

“Actually, you know this best. The higher the rate of women who bring bread to their homes, work and produce, the more developed a society becomes. Otherwise, not. And today, unfortunately, at a very low rate. Nearly less than half of societies with much better economies have female employees; this does not happen. Especially, it never happens in big cities. In this context, we are in an effort to increase the number of female employees in our institution with a special method. While we even explain our exams, we set a gender quota, so to speak, and make purchases accordingly. We will continue this as well. Because, let me tell you sadly, the rate of female employees of our organization is very low. We need to increase it quickly so that we can be the real face of Istanbul. After all, one of the two people in Istanbul is a woman. Then we must also ensure this employee equality. That's when we can get rich, then the level of prosperity can rise, and then we can create a better generation, as a family, together. "


Saying, “You are at a more symbolic point as the women who do the driving profession,” said İmamoğlu, “Indeed, the courage of women seeing you increases. You enable many professions that are said to be 'Yes, I cannot' and encourage people by saying 'I can do it too'. If we are low in per capita income in Turkey today; The basis for this is really the low employment rate of women in day-care centers. We will beat this together, ”he said. Hoping that the month of Ramadan will bring abundance and abundance to everyone's home, İmamoğlu said, "We are the team that performs a sacred duty to create this and to ensure the peace of this city."


Sharing the information that IMM has a workforce of just over 83 thousand, Imamoglu said, “If we multiply this with their families, we would not be wrong to say that we are an institution where 500 thousand people eat bread. This also to 16 million people; We cannot be proud of it when we say, "We are the individuals of an institution that serves 20 million people", together with its guests and tourists. In addition, when we think 'We are also problematic people to make a city of thousands of years walk towards a better future', our responsibility increases even more. Therefore, I wish you all success in your work. I wish the number of female managers and female employees to increase. Remember that you have a mayor who takes care of that as well. We are always side by side. You are symbolically at this table today; But when I break my fast with you, believe me, as if breaking fast with my 83 employees, I will feel strong, determined, and proud at the same time. Good thing you exist, ”he said.


İmamoğlu wandered all the tables after iftar and shared his colleagues with his colleagues. sohbets made it happen. The female drivers expressed their satisfaction of meeting with İmamoğlu with the words "Thank you very much for your valuing us and for calling us here".

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