How to Eat Iftar and Suhoor?

How should be the way of eating at sahur
How should be the way of eating at sahur

It is of great importance to both eat healthy and relax the digestive system during Ramadan. Developing its formulas inspired by nature, Zade Vital makes a difference with its products that will support you to spend the month of Ramadan strongly.

Experts underline that nutritional supplements can be used to meet the daily energy and nutrients required by the body, especially during this period. With the start of the month of Ramadan, the diet and lifestyle of those who fast change. In order for the body to adapt to this change, attention to nutritional habits plays a critical role.

Keep Blood Sugar Balanced

Consumption of water and correct foods in both iftar and sahur meals is emphasized by experts in order to make a balanced and healthy diet sustainable. If one of the meals is skipped, the natural hunger period extends and there may be imbalances in blood sugar levels. Supporting nutritional supplements comes to the fore to keep blood sugar balanced.

How to Eat in Suhoor?

Attention is drawn to the fact that heavy foods are not preferred during iftar and sahur. It is important to avoid such heavy foods in order to keep the sleep quality and body rhythm in balance ... It is also recommended to eat lightly at sahur meal, avoid excessively fatty and salty foods as well as avoid pastries and not burden the slowed digestive system suddenly ... Traditionally used for indigestion. It is said that herbal supplements can also be supportive.

Bring Healthy Lifestyle to Ramadan

Maintaining the balance of fluids and minerals in the body during Ramadan is one of the most important health issues. In order to prevent fluid and mineral loss, sufficient water should be consumed in both meals, and if necessary, mineral and vitamin supplements should be taken in addition to foods. Touching on the importance of keeping the body vigorous during this period, experts emphasize that short exercise programs and natural nutritional supplements during the day will have a positive effect on the immune system.

Probiotic Daily supports the immune and digestive system

Bacteria in the intestinal flora form the basis of the immune system. Probiotics, which are the most important supporters of the digestive system, are offered at GMP Standards with the expertise of Zade Vital. Probiotics are a very important supplement to rearrange the digestive system flora, eliminate digestive problems and support the immune system. With the balancing effects of probiotics on the digestive system, symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea and bloating are reduced and the immune system is supported.

Daily Source of Vitamin C

Developed to support the normal functioning of the immune system, Zade Vital Vitamin C plays a major role in meeting the daily Vitamin C need of the body with the powerful ingredients in its formula. Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for adult health; It supports the immune system, contributes to normal energy generation metabolism.

Full Support for Immunity with Black Seed Oil

Zade Vital's Black Seed Oil, which balances the immune system by supporting the health of immune system cells, increases the body's resistance to external factors. The special content, which offers beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients that turn into oil with the Cold Press method, also acts as a shield against respiratory tract infections.

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