IMM Scientific Committee: Closing At Least Until the End of the Holidays

IBB Scientific Committee Closing At Least Until the End of the Holidays
IBB Scientific Committee Closing At Least Until the End of the Holidays

The IMM Science Advisory Board, which convened after the deaths in the city increased by 2 thousand 5 people in the last 3 months compared to the last 424 years, suggested a full closure until the end of Ramadan. Emphasizing the need to support all sectors, employees and the unemployed in this process, the board drew attention to the fact that cases in Istanbul were among the highest recorded in the world during the epidemic.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Science Advisory Board met again regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. At the meeting, where the death rate in Istanbul has increased very high in the last 2 months, a 4-week full closure was recommended. It was emphasized that if a four-week process cannot be operated, it is impossible to overcome the chaos and prevent new deaths without going to a complete closure at least until the end of Ramadan. The Board stated that a package of measures that will support all sectors must also be announced.


The virus originated otherwise decided according to the requirements of Sciences pointed out that Turkey receipt of a disease IMM Scientific Advisory Board, also found the following determinations and recommendations:

  • “While the number of cases per 100 thousand people in Istanbul was 60 in mid-February, it increased by 15,3 times in the last two months to 10 between April 15-920. This number is among the highest recorded in the entire world during the epidemic. 40 percent of all cases in Turkey are located in Istanbul. The B 85 (UK) variant with high contagiousness and contagiousness is dominant in 1.1.7 percent of cases across the country.
  • After March 1, 2021, an additional 3 thousand 424 deaths occurred in Istanbul. The continuation of the number of cases at this high is the alarm that deaths will increase even more in the coming weeks.


  • As of April 19, 71,4 percent of intensive care beds in Istanbul are full. There is a significant bed shortage in public hospitals. Health workers have suffered a great number of casualties and are now on the verge of burnout. Workload should be planned and health personnel should be rested.
  • At least 4 weeks of closure is essential to control the epidemic. During this period, adequate economic and social support should be given to employees, unemployed people and business owners.


  • Except for industries that meet the mandatory requirements, all activities should be suspended for a minimum of 14 days and, if possible, 4 weeks.
  • Intercity travel should be restricted in full control.


  • The imprisonment of individuals over the age of 75, 65 percent of whom have been vaccinated, causes physical inactivity and serious psycho-social problems in this group. Those individuals who received 2 doses of vaccine and 14 days have passed since the last vaccine should be exempted from the restrictions.
  • It is risky in terms of contamination that all accommodation facilities' eating and drinking places are open.
  • All prayers and similar religious activities in mosques should be performed at a distance of at least 2 meters in open areas instead of closed areas, and open areas for religious worship should be prepared by meeting the infrastructure needs.


  • The number of cases at the district level, the occupation, gender, age distributions of the cases, the rates of mutated viruses, the occupancy rates of COVID-19 beds in hospitals should be disclosed to the public.
  • Hospitals without COVID-19 should be determined for those suffering from other diseases. Telehealth application should be started. It should be ensured that private hospitals do not charge differential fees from COVID patients.

Widespread vaccination

  • When the number of cases decreases, measures should be removed by following the case numbers for at least two weeks.
  • Extensive vaccination is the most important stage for life to return to normal.
  • Planning and implementing the measures to be taken for the control of the pandemic together with local governments, trade associations, trade unions and non-governmental organizations is a must for success.
  • Everyone below a certain subsistence level should be provided with free masks.
  • PCR positive patients whose home conditions are not sufficient to isolate themselves should be provided with free accommodation and additional psychosocial support opportunities.
  • A rapid PCR test should be performed at regular intervals in all business lines that have public contact, especially healthcare professionals, teachers, veterinarians, and should be included in the priority groups in vaccination.


  • Transportation density in Istanbul has shifted to afternoon. The 19.00 o'clock restriction risks increasing people's contact. The curfew needs to be extended even later than on other days, especially on Friday before the weekend restriction.
  • Resources should be transferred in order for the public to structure the cost of services received from municipal enterprises during the pandemic.


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