HIS Travel Adds Depth to Domestic Tourism with Cappadocia Express

His travel cappadocia express will add depth to domestic tourism
His travel cappadocia express will add depth to domestic tourism

HIS Travel with the Sun Group, which will be implemented with the support and train to be a luxury 5-star hotel with a standard of comfort and service with the intended Cappadocia Express about 1 billion euro contribution to Turkey's economy is expected.

The details of the Cappadocia Express, whose signatures were signed at the protocol ceremony held with the participation of Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, President of the Presidential Investment Office, Emre Özkur, General Manager of HIS Travel, and Abdülkerim Murat Atik, Chairman of the Board of Sun Group, began to become clear.

According to HIS Travel explanation, the Presidential Office and Japan Investments and long-time employees for the cooperation between Turkey HIS Travel by train on the transport of tourists in Turkey is conducting joint studies.

In line with this purpose, HIS Travel and Sun Group came together and signed to realize the project of providing touristic service with railways.

The high demand for rail transportation in the world and the increase in investments in this direction is seen as one of the starting points of the project. In this respect, it aims to include many more cities in this transportation with the train journey in a much wider framework.

40 million euros of initial investment cost of the project, the target year 200 thousand tourists have stated that HIS Travel with which will be implemented with the support of Sun Group Cappadocia person with Express 5 thousand euros in tourism revenues with targeted approximately 1 billion euro contribution to Turkey's economy.

Cappadocia Express Will Have 5-Star Hotel Standards

The Cappadocia Express is intended to be a luxury train with 5-star hotel standards and comfort. Cappadocia Express, which will provide high quality service such as twin rooms, shower and toilet facilities in every room, and serving the meals to the rooms, is also planned to include 2 luxury restaurants.

The Cappadocia Express, which is planned as 2 trains between Ankara-Cappadocia / Cappadocia-Istanbul, will serve travelers 7 days a week, with a capacity of 14 wagons and 294 people.

The other phases of the project will be extended to Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Black Sea and Aegean.

The first flight of the Cappadocia Express is predicted to be February 2022.

While Cappadocia Express works continue, HIS Travel continues to work with hotel projects with a budget of 100 million Euros in Cappadocia and Pamukkale, and continues to make a name for itself with its investments and projects in the sector.

"We Thought We Can Operate Luxury Trains"

HIS Travel General Manager Emre Ozkan is on the subject, 'We give seminars to companies wishing to invest abroad in Japan, every seminar we do about Turkey, the seminar attracted the most participants going on.' gave information.

'In particular, our company begin to Cappadocia in Turkey Express project, then the Japanese will allow tourists come to Turkey and will cause a lot more domestic tourists in Cappadocia to live a different holiday experience.' Using his statements, Özkur continued as follows:

As' Anatolian Express and Ankara Express, Japanese guests have been served between Istanbul Haydarpaşa-Ankara Train Station for a long time. Although the process of the construction of the high-speed train had a little pause, we, as the private sector, thought whether we could operate more customer-oriented luxury trains during this period when the train could not be used, and we continued to plan this idea for 7-8 years. After meeting with Sun Group, we took the first step to realize this dream. '

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