Support Your Eye Health with Vitamins

Support your eye health with vitamins
Support your eye health with vitamins

Pharmacist Ayşen Dinçer, depending on the pandemic that started last year; He emphasizes that vitamin combinations are of great importance in preventing negative consequences on eye health caused by the increase in time spent in front of computers, phones, tablets or televisions.

It is known that during the epidemic process, which greatly changed daily life and personal habits, our interest in both media and digital environments increased with the increase in the time we spend at home. Due to the prolongation of the time we spend in front of the screen; Problems such as dryness, itching, burning, and blurred vision are observed in the eyes.

According to researches; Employees who spend more than 4 hours in front of the screen are reported to have an eye condition of 89%, and the average daily television viewing time in our country is 6 hours above.

In addition to spending long hours in front of the screen and using lenses; diseases such as diabetes can also cause eye conditions

Pharmacist Ayşen Dinçer, who stated that exposure to vibrations of digital pixels, reflected from computer screens, negatively affects eye health, said, “With the number of blinks decreasing from 12-18 per minute to 4-6 per minute during computer use; We keep our eyes open for longer periods, increase the formation of free radicals in our eyes, prevent or reduce the spread of our tears, which are vital for the protection and nourishment of the eye surface, to the eye surface with blinking. This situation can cause discomfort such as dry eyes in the future. With the pandemic; Changing lifestyles all over the world also play an important role in daily habits. Individuals who start to spend time looking at more TV, tablet and phone screens than before the pandemic experience more frequent and intense vision problems. In addition to the increase in the use of media or technology tools; Individuals who wear contact lenses, have diabetes or have eye pressure, have to take precautions to maximize eye health. It should not be forgotten that one of these measures is multi-vitamin support. " underlines the importance of vitamin combinations with its description.

It is in your hands to protect your eye health with vitamin support

Stating that antioxidants, vitamins and carotenoids support eye health as well as the immune system, Eczacı Ayşen Dinçer shares vitamins and ingredients beneficial for eye health as follows:

Vitamins A and B2 are among the vitamins that benefit eye health.

Zinc is essential for the health of the retinal arteries as well as for the interaction with vitamin A in the formation of the visual pigment rhodopsin.

Lutein, a natural carotenoid found predominantly in yellow or orange vegetables, is known as the eye vitamin and is among the components of the yellow spot responsible for the detailed vision part of the eye.

Studies have shown that blueberries can have beneficial effects on eye ailments.

Omega-3 and fish oil, in particular, are the most beneficial ingredients to protect eye health, whose positive effects are often known among the public.



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