China Named Its First Mars Traveler Zhurong

genie named the first mars traveler zhurong
genie named the first mars traveler zhurong

China's National Space Agency (CNSA) announced that China's first Mars rover was named "Zhurong", in its announcement on the occasion of Space Day in the country. Since Mars is called Huoxing (the planet of fire) in Chinese, it has a special meaning that the name of the fire god, Zhurong, in Chinese mythology, was given to the country's first Mars traveler.

CNSA Vice President Wu Yanhua emphasized that fire brought warmth to the ancestors of humanity and enlightened human civilization. Wu points out that the zhu (wish in Chinese) in the word zhurong, wishes humanity well to explore the universe, and rong (integration and cooperation in Chinese) reflects China's vision of building a peaceful use of space and a common fate for humanity. did.

According to the information released by the CNSA, the Mars rover named Zhurong has a height of 1,85 meters and a weight of 240 kilograms. Zhurong's design lifetime is 3 Mars months, which equates to approximately 92 earth days. As part of his mission, Zhurong will conduct exploration studies on the red planet's surface composition, material types and distribution, geological structure and meteorology.

Source: China International Radio



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