Tunnels of Gaziantep Castle Open to Visitors

gaziantep castle tunnels open to visit
gaziantep castle tunnels open to visit

The tunnel boring and restoration works initiated by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in the historical castle of Gaziantep in order to make the atmosphere of the city, which is filled with historical buildings and touristic places visible, have come to an end. The unique venue, which is planned to be opened to visitors this year, will travel through time in the tunnels that have hosted many civilizations.

The works of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Protection Application and Inspection Offices and Gaziantep Museum Directorate, which continue the tunnel boring and restoration activities initiated in the historical castle of Gaziantep, are coming to an end. After field studies and research, the team of archaeologists and experts carefully removed the soil, stone, mud and mud to uncover a part of the tunnel. Within the scope of the work in which the lighting systems are made, the work continues with the security, wall support measures and static measures taken in the tunnels. It is aimed to contribute to the tourism of the city, known as "history above and below the ground", by opening tunnels with castels, connection roads, galleries, lighting cavities and stairs.


Archaeologist and study chief Ali Korkmaz said that the historical castle is one of the oldest structures in the city.

Expressing that the castle, which was under the control of many empires and principalities, underwent changes with repairs, Korkmaz said, “We think that the tunnels in the castle were built during the Mamluks period for escape and need against the risk of attack and siege. Kastels connected to the top of the castle are built in the tunnels in order to meet the water need. Tunnels to tourism kazanThe work has been going on for about 8 months.

Noting that most of the tunnels were closed, Kormaz said, “The tunnels were filled and closed during the War of Independence due to the fact that the castle was not used and for security reasons. With the works, approximately 250 meters of the tunnels were cleaned and opened. In terms of depth, we are about 15 meters below the ground. We found that the tunnels continue from the east. We are thinking of going as far as we can go in the tunnels. Unless it poses any risk, we can open it as much as we can and take our security measures. kazanis our priority. Our tunnels projects are being prepared. Tourism this year after the approval of the Conservation Board kazanWe plan to do it.”

Korkmaz stated that there are many connection roads, partitions, galleries and cavities prepared for illumination in the tunnels where 3-4 people can walk easily.

Underlining that tunnels are very important in terms of underground tourism, Korkmaz said, “We aim to make our visitors travel in time. Traces of Rome, Mamluk and Ottoman will be seen there. These are very important to us. Gaziantep is a city that has proven itself in many subjects with its history and culture. Gaziantep is very ambitious about underground tourism as well ”.

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