Pet Care Guide

pet care guide
pet care guide

Pets that bring joy to homes and make life better with their presence are almost members of families. It is of great importance to take care of our animal friends, who have conquered their hearts with their sweetness and cute gestures, in the best way possible for them to continue their lives in a healthy and happy way.

Regular Veterinary Controls and Vaccinations

Our animal friends, just like us, need love, care and regular checks to protect their health. The vet is actually a place you should visit to perform routine checks of your pet, rather than a place to go when you notice that your pet is sick.

Animals often worry when they realize that they are going to the vet. In such situations, you can approach him lovingly and talk to your friend in a calm tone to make him feel comfortable. In addition, one of the biggest reasons for veterinary phobia in animals is that they only visit the vet when they are sick. Veterinarian fear may decrease when you routinely carry out your pet's health checks. Even your cute friend can completely overcome this fear. For example, before taking your dog to the vet, you can take a pleasant walk to make him feel good. The carrying bags you use when taking your pet to the vet will help your little friend feel safe and eliminate the possibility of other pets who are aggressive and nervous while waiting at the vet to harm him. In addition, leaving an item or cover with your own scent inside the carrying bag can help your pet to calm down.

There are many viruses that threaten the health of animals in the world we live in. Vaccines also contribute to making your pet resistant to viral diseases that have not yet been cured. If you want your pet to have a healthy life for many years, you should have their vaccinations under veterinary control.

Do Not Neglect Cleaning

It is very important for the health of our friends to regularly clean pets, living areas and food containers.

Washing your pet as often and as recommended by your veterinarian will help him relax and feel more enjoyable. However, some animals, such as rabbits, are not recommended to be bathed, so it is very important to consult your veterinarian. After bathing, you can clean your pet's ears with a cotton ball. Thanks to this process, the production of odor in your animal may decrease. However, we recommend that you be very sensitive and careful while cleaning the ear with cotton.

Over time, your pet's bed may smell and this odor may disturb him. Just as you feel better and more comfortable when you lie in a clean bed, your pet will feel that way when he sleeps in a clean bed.

Pet food bowls should be disinfected frequently. Putting food in a fixed food bowl in the same place is not enough to fulfill your responsibility towards your lovely friend. Frequent disinfection of food containers helps prevent potential health problems.

It is also very important to keep your pets' toilet clean at all times. For this, you can set certain days of the week and set reminders for yourself to remember to clean the toilet.

Take Special Care with Her Feathers

Hair shedding can be seen especially in seasonal changes, as well as a disease or stress-induced problem. When you experience such a problem, you should not only clean the hair loss but also focus on how to solve the source of the problem.

The shedding event may vary according to the breeds of the animals. You should consult your veterinarian about this. If your vet tells you that the hair problem is caused by the disease, he or she will apply appropriate treatment. If the problem is due to seasonal transition or stress, you may want to consider the idea of ​​shortening your pet's fur if your veterinarian suggests it.

Hair shortening may not always solve the problem completely, but you can also eliminate the problem of hair by making it a habit to comb your lovely friend's fur frequently. The stress of your friend, who will enjoy it during the scanning process, will also decrease.

Attention to Food Selection

In order for your pet to maintain a healthy and enjoyable life, you should choose a food that provides the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Before making a food selection, you can do research on this subject and examine the contents of the foods carefully.

It is important for foods to be rich in vitamins and minerals and to be well preserved. If you prefer to buy large boxes of food for your pet, you should ensure that the food does not breathe. Otherwise, the food will become stale.

Do not forget to get information from your veterinarian about the meal portions and meal intervals of your lovely friend.
Also, many of the food you consume can be dangerous for your animal friends. Because human and animal metabolism does not work in the same way. A very good and nutritious meal for you can cause your pet to get sick.

In this regard, you can consult your veterinarian to find out what you should definitely not give and whether there are foods you can give. While you are eating, you should be clear about acting in the light of the information you receive from your veterinarian, even if that innocent innocent may appear and look at you.


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