What is eSports? How to Obtain an eSports License? How to Become an eSports Player?

What is Esports? How to Get an Esports License? How to Become an Esports Player?
What is Esports? How to Get an Esports License? How to Become an Esports Player?

📩 04/01/2023 08:44

Although eSports is considered a new concept for many people, its basics are much older. ESports, where the first examples such as Counter-Strike started to appear in the 2000s, is very popular today. Unlike the classic game world, this innovative sport branch, which contains very comprehensive organizations and rules, also brings many question marks.

It is called eSports that certain games such as League of Legends, FIFA, PUBG are played by professional players in professional leagues that have gained worldwide reputation. Compared to playing classic video games, the most important difference of eSports is that it appeals to a much wider audience. There is a significant difference between playing video games and participating in eSports organizations, such as playing in the school volleyball team and participating in the European Volleyball Championship.

One of the most important factors in the rapid growth of eSports is the size of the worldwide audience and the high financial gain it provides. For example, Faker in the SKT T1 team, one of the top-earning eSports players worldwide, is estimated to earn around $ 1 million a year. Turkey is a player who plays the game in the Champions League just 15 months - can earn 20 thousand. Apart from all these, the earnings of the players who can get extra fees from the sponsorship agreements, as can be predicted, vary from person to person or from team to team.

How to Obtain an eSports License?

ESports, which can offer a professional career and a serious gain for computer and console players, attracts great attention especially among young people. In order to participate in the eSports activities that are included in the Developing Sports category of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in our country, it is necessary to obtain a license just like other sports branches. The process of obtaining an eSports license consists of a few steps that need to be considered and these steps are as follows;

  • Obtaining TR identity number declaration, health report, registration receipt and 2 passport photos.
  • Having these documents approved at the district directorate and then having the procedures done in the registry license service.
  • If the documents are completed, managers or parents can also carry out all these procedures during the application process.
  • Players can also issue their licenses from cities other than their city of residence.

It should be stated that the health report obtained from the doctor is taken especially for digital games and it should be determined whether the person has the physical or mental condition required by these games. Otherwise, you may encounter various difficulties in the licensing process, as the report you receive will be deemed invalid by the ministry.

Is eSports Considered a Real Sport Branch?

With the rise of eSports, one of the most talked about topics has been whether these innovative organizations can be considered sports. The debate about whether eSports can be considered a sport still continues, as sports basically means intense physical activity. ESports, which cannot be regarded as a sport branch when approached with the traditional sports approach, is accepted as a sport branch only when evaluated in a more innovative attitude.

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