Modern Solutions for Male Infertility

modern solutions for male infertility
modern solutions for male infertility

Approximately one-fifth of married couples consult a doctor because they cannot have children despite their wish. Infertility, infertility problem, is encountered equally in both genders and treatments are planned individually. For example, modern methods come to the fore in male infertility, which is increasing in importance due to the deterioration of environmental conditions, and even in the absence of sperm, it is possible to have children with stem sperm cells. Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Urology Department, Op. Dr. Yusuf İlker Çömez gave information about male infertility and treatment methods.

The first step to take is to have a sperm test.

If couples cannot conceive even though they do not use contraception at the end of a year, it is important for women to consult a gynecologist and men to a urologist. Infertility is seen equally in both sexes. However, sometimes there are situations where both are affected jointly. Therefore, couples should be considered together in terms of assisted reproductive techniques. For men, the simplest sperm test is done first. In cases where there is no or very little sperm, this situation should be resolved first. If the sperm count and quality are normal, the woman is evaluated by a gynecologist.

Sometimes the problem can be solved with medication and proper nutrition.

One of the most common causes of infertility in men is vasodilation called "varicocele". However, it is possible to achieve pregnancy after a well-performed varicocele surgery in one of every three patients. Other causes of male infertility other than varicocele; Hormonal disorders, inflammatory disorders, and oxidative stress are the factors that result in sperm DNA degradation. These are problems that can now be easily diagnosed with current tests. It is thought that air pollution and electromagnetic waves can trigger these damages. Even if the sperm is normal, pregnancy may not be achieved due to DNA damage. However, these problems can be treated with medication and nutrition.

Solution to azoospermia with TESE method

If there is no sperm in the semen, it is called azoospermia. Some people may not be born with sperm. Sperm disorders may also be encountered in boys at an early age, caused by testicles not descending up to 6 months or late descending. If no sperm emerges and sperm deteriorates later, they can also be treated. Sometimes azoospermia may occur due to duct obstruction or hormonal disorders. In this table, the patient can be successfully treated. Apart from these, it may be possible to have children with in vitro fertilization methods. Live sperm in the testicle can be taken from the appropriate area under the surgical microscope, using the method called TESE, and a child can be conceived.

Even if there are no sperm cells, it is possible to have children

In cases where there is no sperm in the tissues taken from the testicles but stem sperm cells are present, patients also have the potential to have children. Thanks to the technology developed in recent years, it is possible to perform in vitro fertilization with the appropriate treatment method, depending on the stage at which the development of these cells has stopped. Experimental studies are continuing to obtain sperm from stem cells in other parts of the body. However, there are no studies approved for humans yet.

During the period when couples are trying to have a baby; It is important that they get expert help without wasting time, be patient without despair, and strictly follow the treatment planning.

7 tips for men who want to have a baby

  • Stay away from smoking.
  • If you have obesity, get professional help and lose weight.
  • Try to avoid stress. If you think you have failed, do not hesitate to seek expert help.
  • Adopt a Mediterranean diet
  • Consume fresh and antioxidant foods.
  • Do not consume fast food, stay away from processed and ready-made foods. Since these foods play with hormone balances in men, they increase the risk of infertility.
  • Choose foods that can remove toxins from the body, such as carob and orange juice.

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