Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Win-Son Operations Started

eren cudi besta and eren boiler ogul operations started
eren cudi besta and eren boiler ogul operations started

The Ministry of Interior announced that Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Kazan-Oğul operations were initiated in Şırnak and Hakkari with the participation of 5 thousand 280 personnel.

The written statement made by the Ministry of Interior is as follows:

“Under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, with the PENÇE-ŞİMŞEK and PENÇE-YILDIRIM Operations being carried out in the north of Iraq, simultaneously and in coordination within the country; "EREN CUDİ-BESTA" in Şırnak and "EREN KAZAN-OĞUL" operations in Hakkari were launched in order to remove the separatist terrorist organization from the agenda of the country completely, to prevent and neutralize the terrorists' passage between the so-called shelter areas.

In the aforementioned operations, under the direction and administration of the Gendarmerie Public Security Corps Command; 5.280 personnel [(352) operational teams], consisting of Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations and Security Rangers, are employed.

Within the scope of the Eren Operations, which was launched on January 11, 2021, to eliminate terrorism in the country, a total of (22) terrorists were neutralized, (75) collaborators were caught, (666) caves, shelters and depots were destroyed, a large number of weapons and ammunition, food and living supplies were seized.

EREN OPERATIONS continue successfully with the support of our people, CONSCIOUSLY and DECIDED.

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