World's First Movie 'Picnic' Filmed with Refrigerator

The world's first film shot with a refrigerator
The world's first film shot with a refrigerator

Siemens Home Appliances, with its 174 years of knowledge and experience, still brings innovations to the sector today. kazancontinues to carry the lifestyle of the future, which sets the standards, to the present. Most recently, Siemens Home Appliances and its advertising agency MullenLowe Istanbul signed an innovative project for Siemens XXL refrigerators with integrated cameras. The movie named “Piknik”, directed by Barış Çolak from Kala Film, took its place in the world of communication as the first movie shot with a refrigerator.

Access from anywhere with Home Connect

Everything is under your control with the white goods with the innovative Home Connect application of Siemens Home Appliances, which brings together the technologies of the future with the users. With Home Connect with Wi-Fi feature, it is possible to connect and manage white goods in all areas of life, inside or outside the house. You can cook your food that you previously placed in the oven at the exact consistency and time you want it to be, and you can prepare your coffee without leaving your place. In fact, if you cannot remember which product is in your refrigerator while you are in the market, you can see the inside of your refrigerator thanks to the cameras integrated with the Home Connect application.

Siemens XXL Refrigerator also automatically takes a photo with its integrated cameras every time the cover is opened and closed and sends it to the application. Thus, you can see what is happening in your refrigerator in the application on your phone whenever you want.

"Piknik", the world's first film shot with a refrigerator, was designed based on this feature. These photographs taken with the refrigerator were brought together with the stop-motion technique. The romantic story of the two cake figures in the refrigerator is told with thousands of photographs combined, giving the audience pleasant moments.

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