Domestic Cars TOGG Will Be Released With 50 Percent Localization Rate

domestic automobile togg will come to the market with a percentage of local
domestic automobile togg will come to the market with a percentage of local

Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, answered the questions of journalists on Habertürk television, in a live broadcast he attended from the Informatics Valley. Emphasizing that Informatics Valley is the technology development zone with the largest indoor area in Turkey, Varank explained the advantages that technoparks provide to companies. Reminding that Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) also operates in the Informatics Valley, Varank said, "With TOGG, the mobility ecosystem in the Informatics Valley started to develop very strongly." he spoke.

Reminding that they introduced Turkey's Automobile with the program in Informatics Valley in December 2019, Varank said that the preview vehicles were highly appreciated.

Expressing that they announced that the car will be off the serial production line in 2022, Varank said, “Currently, the processes continue as planned, factory construction continues, machine orders have been made. An agreement on international cooperation on battery has been signed. " gave information.


Varank stated that the automobile will enter the market with a local rate of more than 50 percent, and that this rate will increase even more in the next period, for example, with the production of the battery in Turkey. Emphasizing that Turkey's Automobile Project is a step taken at the right time with the development of connectivity, sensor technologies and IoT, Varank pointed out the importance of producing an automobile whose intellectual property rights belong to Turkey with TOGG. Drawing attention to the increased sensitivity towards the environment with the Green Deal, Varank said, “In 2030, perhaps internal combustion engine vehicles will not be allowed in Europe. Therefore, a huge market is opening up for us in terms of electric cars. " said.

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