Ways to Protect Teeth from Caries

Ways to protect teeth from dents
Ways to protect teeth from dents

Aesthetic Dentist Dr. Efe Kaya said that some rules should be followed for decay-free teeth and listed the things to be considered for decay-free teeth as follows.

1. Brush Your Teeth After Breakfast: Most people brush their teeth as soon as they get up in the morning because they smell in their mouth. The odor that occurs when we wake up in the morning is due to the saliva flow rate that slows down at night. Bacteria become active temporarily due to the slowing saliva flow rate and cause odor. This situation will return to normal after a certain period of time after waking up. Proper brushing will be done by cleaning the food residues around the teeth after breakfast.
2. Avoid Sticky Foods in Snacks: Sugar is the main source of caries formation. Sugar residues that cannot be cleaned around the teeth cause rapid decay of the teeth.

3. Do Not Eat After Brushing Your Teeth in the Evening: Foods eaten before and after sleeping increase the rate of decay formation 3 times. The reason is that rot bacteria are more active than normal during sleep. Before sleeping, teeth should be brushed and there should be no plaque left around the teeth.

4. Use Dental Floss: The interface areas of the teeth where the brush cannot reach are the areas where tooth decay is most common. Dental floss should definitely be used after brushing teeth.

5. Use Alcohol-Free Mouthwashes: It is extremely important to use mouthwash once a day as it will slow down the activities of caries bacteria.

6. Replace Your Toothbrush Every 3-4 Months: Deformed toothbrushes should definitely be replaced as they will not be able to clean properly.

7. Take Training on Brushing Teeth: It should not be forgotten that a proper cleaning is provided only when a correct brushing method is applied. The reason for tooth decay that cannot be stopped despite continuous brushing is improper brushing. Consult your physician for brushing training.

8. Toothbrush Should Be Used Without Wetting With Water: When the brush is wetted with water, the fluorine ratio in the toothpaste will decrease. Fluorine stops and prevents tooth decay. Toothpaste should be applied to the tooth surface with a dry brush.

9. Fluorine Containing Toothpastes Should Be Used.

10. A Dentist Must Be Visited Every 6 Months: Regular control is very important in terms of early diagnosis of caries that are about to occur. It should not be forgotten that caries is reversible at an early stage.

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