The Usage Time Of The Dental Implant Complies With The Human Life

The duration of use of the dental implant competes with the human life
The duration of use of the dental implant competes with the human life

📩 15/09/2022 07:56

Missing teeth cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance and affect the chewing function and create negativity on general health. Implants, which play a role in eliminating these negativities, provide important advantages.

Stating that the duration of use of implants is long enough to compete with human life, Bayındır Health Group, which is among the group companies of Türkiye İş Bankası, is the Treatment and Prosthesis Specialist of Bayındır Tuzla Dental Clinic Dt. Bülent Torun gave information about those who are curious about implant applications.

Almost every individual experiences tooth loss due to any reason they encounter in their life. In some cases, these deficiencies can extend to total edentulousness and cause situations where there is no natural tooth left in the mouth.

Emphasizing that the teeth in the mouth play roles not only in terms of aesthetics but also providing chewing function and helping to speak, Bayındır Tuzla Dental Clinic Treatment and Prosthesis Specialist Dt. Bülent Torun stated that implants are important in meeting these criteria.

Touching on the importance of implants, Dt. Bülent Torun emphasized the advantages of implants and made the following explanations: “One of the advantages of the implant is that it does not have to be treated on other teeth while completing tooth deficiencies. In other words, it is not necessary to cut the teeth in front of or behind the deficiency and make a bridge in order to correct a tooth deficiency. In addition, in the part where the extracted tooth is located, the bone resorption in the jawbone area, which remains dysfunctional, is stopped after the implant is installed. Implants act like a tooth in such areas, transmitting the chewing pressures directly to the jawbone, creating a kind of massage effect on this bone. Massage, on the other hand, stops osteoporosis in that area as it increases blood circulation and tissue nutrition. "


In toothed mouths, the upper and lower jaws are closed at a certain height and size. If the tooth loss is delayed too much, the teeth in front and behind the lost tooth will move towards the extracted area, and the normal size of the bite of the patient begins to decrease and change, and this leads to some bite and joint disorders in the long term.

Treating and Prosthetics Specialist Dt, who said that when implants are applied in place and on time, the vertical loss of size due to loss of closure prevents. Bülent Torun said, "This provides the skeletal comfort of the patient and prevents the profile defects that will occur on the face due to the loss of vertical dimension."


Stating that 85% of the chewing function is realized with the teeth between the molars, Dt. Bülent Torun said, “This indicates 12 teeth, 12 in the lower jaw and 24 in the upper jaw. With a total of 6 implants including 6 upper and 12 lower regions in our patients who have no teeth in the lower and upper jaws, 85% of the chewing function of our patients is returned to our patients with implanted bridges that remain in the mouth like their natural teeth, which are not attached or removed. we are increasing, ”he said.


Underlining that an implant placed in the mouth has served its owner for many years and rarely causes problems, provided that the physician first and then the patient fulfill all protocols. Bülent Torun said, “Just as a new and expensive car is purchased, we go to the service regularly and have it done while under warranty, we should regularly see our physician, have our care and check-ups after the implant is applied. "Even the warranty of the car is for a certain period of time, in cases where there is no systemic disease, regular oral care and regular check-ups, the life span of an implant competes with the human life," he said.

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