DHMİ Became First in Europe in Air Traffic Control Service

dhmi ranks first in air traffic control service in europe
dhmi ranks first in air traffic control service in europe

The State Airports Authority Air Traffic Center ranked first in the first quarter of 2021, outpacing Europe's leading Air Traffic Control Centers.

According to the data of the European Air Navigation Safety Organization (EUROCONTROL), in the first three months of this year, the State Airports Authority of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (DHMİ) Air Traffic Center came in first, outpacing Europe's leading Air Traffic Control Centers. State Airport Operations Chairman and General Manager Hüseyin Keskin shared the relevant data on his social media account Twitter (@dhmihkeskin), saying, “Air traffic control services have been provided to 3 aircraft in Turkish Airspace in a period of 139.884 months. Keskin stated that between April 1-7, Istanbul Airport ranked first in Europe with 651 flights per day.


Keskin, who shared the statistics that witnessed the success of the DHMİ Air Traffic Center in Europe despite the pandemic, stated that “DHMİ Air Traffic Center served 139 thousand 884 aircraft and took the first place in the list. According to the data announced by Keskin; Germany Karlsruhe is second with 128 thousand 403 aircraft, and the Netherlands Maastricht is third with 120 thousand 300 aircraft. During this period, England served London 93 thousand 714, France Paris 93 thousand 12, Italy Rome Air Traffic Center 49 thousand 444 aircraft.


Our General Manager Hüseyin Keskin also shared the data of the first week of April on flights at European airports. Recording the European leadership among DHMI's Air Traffic Control Centers in the first week of April, Hüseyin Keskin said, “While our European leadership among ATC Centers continued in the week of April 1-7, our Istanbul Airport came in first with an average of 651 flights per day, leaving Frankfurt, Paris CDG and Amsterdam airports behind. Sabiha Gökçen Airport ranked 422th with an average of 5 flights. Our Air Traffic Control Center; In 1 million square kilometers of airspace, it successfully continues 7/24 field control services for aircraft landing and taking off at our airports and transiting our airspace under all meteorological conditions. Despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on world aviation, our Air Traffic Control Center, which surpasses other centers in Europe, continues to be the "eye, ear and the safe voice of the sky". # DHMİ Running, Flying Turkey! " gave his statements.

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