Do Depression Medications Cause Weight Increase?

depression also causes weight gain
depression also causes weight gain

Psychiatrist / Psychotherapist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Rıdvan Üney gave information on the subject. Does depression cause weight gain, does weight gain cause depression? Do antidepressant drug treatments cause weight gain in depression? If medications cure depression, will I get depressed again after I lose weight? How will I be treated then?

These questions are constantly asked in the development and treatment of depression. Clarifying these will help prevent us from getting confused by hearsay information.

Obesity is among the Causes of Depression.

In fact, self-confidence problems are quite high in obese individuals. Today, the ideal male and female type has been defined. The so-called "fit" group is kept in the foreground, and even the clothes are prepared by targeting them. Overweight people are almost neglected in this regard. Diabetes, blood pressure problems, heart problems, and restriction in movement, which are more common in overweight people, increase the tendency to depression. Social phobia and anxiety disorders are also common. Unsuccessful diet and exercise attempts also create intense self-confidence problems. Apart from this, the cynical view of the society towards obese people, the fact that physical appearance comes to the fore in admission to working life, and therefore the fact that overweight people are not preferred makes it easier for these individuals, who are already disturbed by their own physical appearance, to fall into depression. Many obese people exhibit more eating behavior as an internal reaction to this situation. Now a vicious circle is formed and depression becomes like destiny. At this point, depression should be treated and the person's self-confidence should be restored. kazanIt should be encouraged so that he can be productive again in life and perhaps be more determined and courageous in weight-related treatments.

Depression Can Cause Weight Increase.

Depression sometimes begins with changes in appetite, especially in the early stages. Weight gain is more common in non-typical or masked depressions. In other words, tension, unhappiness, and despair lead the person to activities that he / she can be happy with. The easiest of these is eating. In women with a type of depression, the need and consumption of chocolate and sugar increases in premenstrual tension syndrome. Introversion, energy

Eating fast-food style meals instead of cooking is one of the reasons for weight gain. In addition, in depressive periods, it becomes more difficult to exercise due to reluctance and exhaustion, and as a result, weight gain is inevitable. Weight gain due to physical anxiety can also aggravate depression.

Do Antidepressant Drugs Used in the Treatment of Depression Cause Weight Increase?

In general, our people learn about drug treatments in many diseases, from the treatment experiences of their neighbors or friends or from comments made on forum sites on the internet. But how safe are these sources of information? Treatments are often discontinued due to the side effects of depression medications during the first few days of adjustment. Although it is more realistic to apply to the doctor again and discuss the side effects, the person leaves the treatment and has to live with depression. Depression treatment requires a very good cooperation between the patient and the psychiatrist. This is because the treatment takes at least six months. Therefore, the person who will use drugs for six months must use drugs in a way that will not affect his life and do not harm his daily work. There is only one of every person in the world. However, depression medications are limited in number. Collaboration is more important in the initial stages of treatment in order to develop personalized drug therapy. If you gain weight during medication, you should inform your psychiatrist so that new drug alternatives can be evaluated in the treatment. It is important to improve cooperation with depression medications rather than fear the side effects.

Is There No Treatment Other Than Medicine?

Psychotherapies other than medications are beneficial in treatment, depending on the severity of the depression. Psychotherapy is the general name of psychological treatments aimed at solving emotional and behavioral problems of individuals and protecting and improving their mental health. However, there is quite a bit of misinformation about psychotherapies. Psychotherapies also come in many forms and many of them are effective in treating a person. However, contrary to common belief, sohbet It is not a method of relaxation. This situation is different from what you do with your friends and family. Depending on the severity of the situation, there are psychotherapies ranging from a few months to several years.

The necessity, duration, interview frequency, interview time and goals of psychotherapy are determined in the first sessions of the therapy. Between psychotherapy sessions, it is possible for the therapy to be successful if the person evaluates himself, focuses more on his mental state and performs the assigned tasks. In other words, psychotherapy is not a matter of having to complain and receive advice. In addition, psychotherapy should be performed by psychiatrists and psychologists trained in this field. However, it is important to learn about depression and to treat it in education.

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